From the Ears of Babes

 (TMI Focus, Vol. XVI, No. 2, Spring 1994)

From the Ears of Babes

by Arthur D. Haggerty, Ph.D.

Arthur Haggerty is accustomed to offering Hemi-Sync® as a resource for stress management and wellness in his health psychology practice. However, his granddaughter’s reaction to the familiar technology left him nonplussed and wondering if the infant brain processes Hemi-Sync sound patterns differently. What’s your opinion?

In the recent past, I gave each of my four children a tape from the Achates Sandman Series for use with my grandchildren. A Sandman Suites tape, Number One was given for use with my granddaughter Natalie. At the time, she was two months old, I brought the tape with me during a visit. One day when Natalie began to cry, I decided to test its effect.

She was sitting on my lap with a portable stereo tape player about six feet away and directly in front of us. When the tape began to play, Natalie’s crying immediately ceased. Unexpectedly, however, the baby began to move her head from side to side (in an 180 degree arc) with a definite look of wonderment. It was as if she was aware of something “different” on each side of the room. She was not disturbed, just curious. She continued to turn her head from side to side for several minutes, until I intervened.

This behavior suggests that the infant brain can adhere to the Frequency Following Response but may perceive a discrepancy in the sounds reaching each ear. Once again, Natalie seemed fascinated rather than disturbed. Whatever this phenomenon implies, it may be of interest to others who notice similar infant behavior.


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