Can Dolphin Energy and Hemi-Sync® Help Conquer Coma?

(TMI Focus, Vol. XXI, No. 2, Spring 1999)

Can Dolphin Energy and Hemi-Sync® Help Conquer Coma?

by Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis heard about The Monroe Institute during a remote viewing class. He went home, checked out our website, and immediately ordered Waves I-III of the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE®. When he heard that Andy, the son of friends, had been in a coma since a car accident in November, 1997, Richard remembered reading about the Dolphin Energy Club (DEC) on the Web. He obtained parental permission and e-mailed a DEC request for Andy on January 7, 1998. Richard said, “This family is really desperate and traditional medicine has done all it can do.” He followed up on suggestions for appropriate Hemi-Sync tapes by purchasing H-PLUS® Brain: Repairs & Maintenance.

Andy received Dolphin Energy Club support from January 8 through 27. On January 27, Andy’s mother, Marie, completed and returned the DEC receiver’s report. She wrote, “Andy is in a coma and cannot respond on his own. He continues to improve a little each day. He got the trach [tracheostomy tube] out on Tuesday, January 13. We have seen more movement since then. He is still not consistent in his responses but he is more alert. He is on a minimal amount of medication at this time. He is definitely lighter in the coma. With the support of family and friends we know he will keep getting better. The power of prayer really does work. Thank you for continuing to send positive healing thoughts to Andy.” DEC members received this encouraging news in their April, 1998, update letter.

Then, in September, Richard sent a newspaper photo of a smiling Andy in a rehabilitation center pool and the following letter. “I wanted to take a moment to send this picture to you to share with those in the dolphin group who participated in the healing event this past year of Andy. He was the last surviving child of two colleagues of mine, following the loss of their teenage girl in an auto accident last year. If you recall, I contacted you following Andy’s solo car accident last November, and the doctors told the parents his chance of survival was slim and if he were to survive that it would most likely be in a vegetative state. When I contacted you, Andy was in a coma. It was shortly after you began your healing work that Andy seemed to make major strides in his health. Today he is still struggling with some things that we all seem to take for granted. He is, however, out of the coma and no longer confined to a wheelchair. All remarkable strides for a person whom the doctors had written off not too many months ago. Thank you for your work. I believe you had a very real hand in the healing that has taken place in Andy.”

“On June 10, 1998, Peter J. Van Der Schaar, MD, PhD, a member of the TMI Professional Division, faxed a request to recommend and ship tapes for a teenage boy who was in a coma following a traffic accident. METAMUSIC® Remembrance, Einstein’s Dream, and Baroque Garden, which promote alert mental focus, and METAMUSIC Sleeping through the Rain, which moves the listener in and out of the normal stages of sleep, were air mailed to the Netherlands on June 11. At that time, the youngster was “on a respirator and stable.” Dr. Van Der Schaar said, “His family wants to pursue anything that could help. They were very interested in Hemi-Sync.”

On July 13, Dr. Van Der Schaar reported by fax that “the tapes for the comatose boy are being used intensively. From almost zero reflexes, at three weeks post-accident, he can now breathe spontaneously, has pain reflexes, and also, sometimes, clenches his brother’s hand as a response to questions. It would be very interesting to ask him, in due time, if he can remember the tapes.”

Dr. Van Der Schaar’s September 22 update was even more exciting. “A quick update on the boy for whom I used the tapes that you recommended for coma. He is doing very well. He is out of coma but still has partial paralysis. He likes the tapes so much that he takes them along with him from the clinic when he visits home or the rehabilitation center. Good result, isn’t it?”

A final report on October 16 gave complete details. “On June 6, 1998, sixteen-year-old Jadus hit a car head-on with his scooter and was catapulted over the bonnet against the windshield. He landed several meters beyond on the road shoulder. He was admitted to the ICU of a university hospital with brain and brain stem concussions, which were confirmed by MRI scanning and EEG. He needed artificial ventilation because the brain damage had also affected the respiratory center. Multiple fractures in his left hip were later detected. At that time, his chances for survival were estimated to be poor.

“Jadus was in a coma for approximately six weeks, but recently he seemed to remember some events of the last period of his coma. The tapes for alertness were administered randomly throughout the day, and Sleeping through the Rain at 11:00 p.m. Whenever he became restless at night, the tape quieted him down, ‘as if a switch was thrown.’ The other tapes remarkably changed his behavior during the day, with the change being perceptible a few minutes after application.

“June 30, he was discharged from the ICU. Although still unconscious, he could breathe spontaneously through a tracheostomy. Gradually he regained consciousness and was eventually moved to a rehabilitation center when he could understand ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and respond by gestures. In this center the staff was also convinced that the tapes, with almost immediate effect, were helpful for restoring emotional balance and improving sleep. His speech improved fast. At this time Jadus is allowed to come home on weekends, but he always insists on carrying the tapes along with him. He has not been able to walk yet.

“Of course, it is difficult to scientifically prove that the tapes were instrumental in his progress. But it is undeniable that within minutes—at least—they improved unconscious erratic behavior. Also remarkable is his apparent attachment to the tapes, as if he is aware that they have contributed substantially to his progress.”

The families were advised to inform the medical caregivers before using Hemi-Sync and to use caution if patients had had seizures. The names of the patients and their relatives have been changed to preserve confidentiality.


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