Letters from Corcoran State Prison

 (TMI Focus, Vol. XXIX, Nos. 3 & 4, Summer/Fall 2007)

Letters from Corcoran State Prison

by Darrell Williams

In July 2007, Darlene Miller, PhD, TMI’s director of programs, received the following letter from Darrell Williams, an inmate at Corcoran State Prison. Dr. Miller has quietly maintained a prison outreach program over the years. This is a follow-up to Darrell’s 2001 letters describing how Hemi-Sync® is benefiting prisoners in the Corcoran and Kern Valley state prisons.

Dear Darlene,

A huge hug and greetings to you and the TMI family. May this letter find you in good spirits physically and mentally. I received your complimentary issues of Shift magazine. They were very much appreciated by us here and are the kind of materials I was searching for. I have not communicated in a while because I have been quite busy with the GATEWAY Prison Outreach Program. I have more exciting data for you.

More and more prisoners have signed up to participate. What I was really interested to know was the “true” rehabilitative value for prisoners who return to society after using the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE® and other Hemi-Sync tools. It’s quite easy for men to say they have been rehabilitated and have changed their perspectives and then after release to follow the same behavior patterns that led them to prison in the first place. So I kept meticulous records of prisoners who were released after using the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE. The findings?

Out of a small sample population group of twenty prisoners from both Corcoran and Kern Valley state prisons, seventeen prisoners have so far integrated back into society without committing any more crimes or leading a criminal life. We were very inspired by this result. Taking into consideration their economic circumstances (coming from poor communities), most did quite well in adjusting to the challenges of the streets. Over half of the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE graduates continue to keep in contact and report their progress.

The biggest factor in their success was finally realizing that they are capable of achieving more with their lives than they had previously believed. The GATEWAY EXPERIENCE helped them to open up to this awareness. This is called “paradigm shifting.” In our introductory classes, we have a saying, “In order to change your life, you must first change the prescription of your glasses.” Changing one’s belief about one’s self can be a huge factor. Many prisoners are living with a faulty paradigm. It’s like they are driving in Los Angeles trying to find a particular street with a New York City map. Now, you can give yourself positive “self-talk” and keep a positive mental attitude; however, you’re going to continue to be frustrated and lost if you don’t change your map to an LA map. Your road map must match the terrain. The moment you get the correct map, all the other problems clear up instantly.

So, we are helping to change the prisoner’s perspective. We are reading The Journey of Robert Monroe, just released. The new book has given me a better insight into how Mr. Monroe created the Institute. It was a fantastic story! It was inspiring! It was intriguing! Thanks for sharing his story with us.

We have a few brothers who wanted to know if we could receive METAMUSIC® selections with Asian and ancient European themes (for the Caucasian and Asian brothers). So I told them I would ask. We have also put together a CHEC room in the chapel here. We really could use a good pair of headphones. The prison has agreed to allow wireless headphones.

One of the issues for many young men is trying to eliminate negative “self talk.” So the HUMAN-PLUS: Off-Loading exercise will be very helpful. Thanks for all you do for us. We will repay TMI tenfold. You are saving people’s lives in here and that is immeasurable.

Yours truly,

Darrell Williams


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