Metamusic® Artists: Michael Maricle

Metamusic Artists: Michael Maricle


Breakthrough for Peak-Performance, Elation

Michael Maricle has been making music since the age of four when he first sat down in front of a piano. He began piano lessons at age six, and spent the majority of his childhood creating music and improvising on the piano. By the age of twelve Michael was immersed in the world of electronic music and technology - synthesizers, samplers, recording, and music software. Michael has a BA in Music Composition from the University of California Santa Barbara College of Creative Studies, which provided a foundation for his talent. At UCSB he studied composition, electronic music, recording, sampling, music theory, orchestration and sound design.

The music of Michael Maricle is ethereal, melodic, expansive and transcendent. It takes the listener through worlds of imagination, emotion and stillness.

Discography - Dreamelodia, Reflections, French Press, Beautiful Worlds (with Bloom)

Michael currently lives in Seattle, where he continues to create beautiful music.

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