Metamusic® Artists: Rick Borgia

Metamusic Artists: Rick Borgia



Throughout his entire life, Rick Borgia has been deeply involved in exploring the creative process in a variety of modalities.

The theory that inspires him is one that suggests utilizing the potential of the mind and spirit in as many ways as possible. This path is experimental in the fact that it is defined by self exploration, not driven by success.

With music, his experiences have included composing, producing, performing and teaching. From world tours with the cult pop rock group Mink DeVille, to recent performances for maximum security inmates at one of the largest women’s prison in the U.S., Rick derives numerous benefits from the interaction and sensitivity of diverse audiences all over the world.

In visual terms, Rick has studied art extensively, combining conceptual ideas with painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. It is in diversity that Rick feels at once lost and found, seeking and seeing, all with the underlying motive of energizing and renewing the mind.

Reflections is an example of this effort, created to be a soundtrack for "no specific thoughts", the fundamental principle behind meditation -- an effort to create without relying on the ego.

With the highest respect for singular achievements in all human endeavors, Rick continues to create and collaborate, to keep both hemispheres firing as much as possible.

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