Hemi-Sync® Case Studies from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

(Hemi-Sync® Journal, Vol. XXIV, Nos. 3 & 4, Summer-Fall 2006)

Hemi-Sync® Case Studies
from a Complementary and Integrative Practice

by Dr. Viktoria Mandlin

Dr. Viktoria Mandlin became a Monroe Institute professional member in 2005. She received her medical doctorate in 1983 from the Semmelweis University School of Medicine in Budapest, Hungary, and completed an otolaryngology residency, 1983–87, at Jahn F. Hospital, also in Budapest. Dr. Mandlin holds certificates in nutrition and cardiovascular health, nutrition and cancer, and integrative oncology. She is trained in holistic stress management, alternative therapies for women, and lifestyle and weight management. She is presently the director of the European Academy for Complementary and Integrative Studies in Dayton, Ohio, where she treats a variety of ailments in collaboration with her husband, Laszlo Toth, MD, a surgeon. Hemi-Sync® is one of many resources that Dr. Mandlin provides to her patients. She shares their responses in the case studies below.

Case 1

I met this client in September 2005 when I spoke at the Angel Delivery Holistic Health Fair. She and her mother attended my session and were very interested in the information on Hemi-Sync.

Later, the daughter called to inquire about the Hemi-Sync program. Her first interest was for her mother, who was living with her. The mother was in congestive heart failure and having serious problems with edema—swelling of her legs and also fluid in her abdominal cavity. She was scheduled for an array of tests to assess treatment options.

The daughter’s first appointment was October 20, the date that she got the final results from her mother’s tests. The diagnosis was end-stage congestive heart failure, and the doctors gave her mother two months maximum to live. My client could hardly tell me about her mom’s prognosis because she was crying so hard. After comforting her and settling her in the massage chair, I reclined the chair and placed a scented cloth over her eyes. After a relaxing massage (during which she was still crying), I turned off the chair and played the first Hemi-Sync CD. While listening, the client stopped crying and by the time she left was feeling more able to handle the situation. She kept her appointment every week. As her mom became weaker and weaker, she seemed to need the Hemi-Sync sessions more and more. Being her mom’s primary caretaker was exhausting. She always said, however, that she felt rejuvenated and better able to cope after each session.

My client said: “Mom had lived with me for fourteen years, being pretty independent until the last two. As Mom’s condition deteriorated, I even had to quit my job to become a full-time caretaker. Thanks to Dr. V. and the Hemi-Sync program, I was able to care for Mom at home (which was what she wanted) until the end. She lost her battle for life on November 17, 2005. I honestly do not think I could have managed taking care of Mom at home until the end without my sessions with Dr.V.”

This young woman used CDs from the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE®, HUMAN PLUS Restorative Sleep, and exercises from the GOING HOME® support album. She is now working with me to correct some of her own health issues and to decide where she wants to go with her own life.

Case 2

This client was facing abdominal surgery. Afterward, he wrote: “I am a middle-aged orthopedic surgeon, fully recovered from a laparoscopic abdominal hernia repair, made markedly less painful due to Hemi-Sync natural methods. My surgeon asked me to consider a consult with Dr. Mandlin, who specializes in pain control, relaxation, and mind/body healing methods. She recommended the Hemi-Sync SURGICAL SUPPORT series. I used the tapes as directed and had a restful night’s sleep prior to surgery. I used the tapes in pre-op, and the nurses were instructed to use them during surgery and in the recovery room. I slept peacefully for one and a half hours after surgery with no narcotics since the anesthesia induction and woke up with very little pain. I was able to control my discomfort with the techniques I learned through the tapes. Only three narcotic pills were used during my entire post-op period. I know these methods contributed to my quick and uneventful recovery, and I plan to utilize these techniques with my receptive patients.”

Case 3

Reflexologist Rebecca K. Nessle, RM, CR, referred this client, who later underwent a complete hysterectomy aided by the SURGICAL SUPPORT series. Three days after surgery she went shopping. Recovery is usually four to six weeks on Vicodin® or other pain medication. She said: “Thank you so much for introducing me to the Hemi-Sync SURGICAL SUPPORT series. Prior to my hysterectomy, I felt a peace that I have never known before. My surgery only lasted twenty-five minutes, and I awoke in my recovery room with NO nausea before the CD had finished playing. I was released the next day at 11:30 am and did not have my prescription for pain medication filled. There was simply no need, as I experienced no pain. I am finding Energy Walk quite necessary and helpful. Thank you for your calls to check on my progress and your powerful healing presence. My surgeon and the anesthesiologist will give you a phone call. They are very much interested in Hemi-Sync.”


Case 4

This fifty-year-old mother of seven and grandmother of four had led a relatively active and healthy life. Over the past two years, however, she began to feel some pain in her back that radiated down her hip into her leg. It became uncomfortable to even drive a car for more than fifteen minutes. Her doctor diagnosed progressive arthritis in her right hip and neck. He recommended the COX-2 inhibitors Vioxx® and Celebrex®, as well as physical therapy. After about a year, the COX-2 inhibitors were taken off the market, and physical therapy was not much help for the pain. Then she was referred to me.

She later wrote: “At first I was hesitant, but I agreed to a one-hour consultation and the rest is history. The pain in my leg is greatly reduced, and my body feels like it did ten years ago. I look forward to my weekly sessions. Dr. Mandlin not only helps with my physical health but also looks at the overall picture and evaluates my entire mental and physical well-being. She is friendly, personable, and communicates with ease. She has introduced me to reflexology, relaxation of the mind, and acupressure for the body, as well as to the importance of nutrition in overall health of the human body.”

This client used selections from the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE® Waves I, II, and III and HUMAN PLUS Restorative Sleep.

Case 5

This client wrote to thank me personally for the kindness and compassion I extended to her mother following gallbladder surgery performed by my husband, Laszlo Toth, MD. She said: “My mother is one of the precious gifts on earth. Knowing that she was in such kind and professional care was a great relief and blessing to my family and me. I also wanted to thank you for loaning her the CDs (SURGICAL SUPPORT Pre-Op and HUMAN PLUS Heart: Repairs & Maintenance), which she has been listening to voraciously. She is totally amazed at how effective they are. Last night on the way home she was very uncomfortable and the ride was becoming painful. After listening to the Pre-Op CD, her pain completely went away without even taking a pain pill. She sounds absolutely wonderful this morning, and she totally loves you and your husband. I cannot thank you both enough from the bottom of my heart. We feel so incredibly blessed and fortunate to be acquainted with you.”

Case 6

Severe childhood abuse and anger were the roots of this client’s problems. This referral was from Dr. Merek Ramirez, LAc, Dipl CH, whom she was seeing for acupuncture and herbal treatment. She used the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE Wave I and HUMAN PLUS Restorative Sleep, as well as Brain: Support & Maintenance. After exposure to Hemi-Sync, her body worker noticed changes.

The client reported: “Wow! I had a session with Linda today. I gave her your card. She did not know about Hemi-Sync. She did, however, notice the improvement within my entire body and my brain. My body is the best she has ever seen it: relaxed, not tense. She wants to do some “brain stuff “ next time I see her (if my body wants it) and see how it connects to the organs, etc. This is living proof that Hemi-Sync is making changes in my body. Linda knew that my body was telling her to work on the brain, and I understood why. Linda has been a huge part of my healing, and I highly respect her. Dr. Merek Ramirez, my acupuncturist, knows of her but they have not met. I think all the people I’ve had in my life over the last two years have been terrific. Hemi-Sync is the chocolate of my recovery. Today was a great day!”

Case 7

This client had a history of severe suicidal depression. She used the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE Wave I, HUMAN PLUS Restorative Sleep, Brain: Support & Maintenance, Immunizing, De-Hab, and Möbius West, and MIND FOOD® Energy Walk. After three weeks, she provided this overview.

“When I was nineteen, I contracted ‘mono.’ By twenty-five, I started having symptoms of the Epstein-Barr virus. Four years ago, a doctor diagnosed me with chronic fatigue. In addition, I have a long history of depression. Six months ago a close family member passed away. That loss deepened my depression, and I experienced frequent thoughts of suicide. I started seeing Dr. Mandlin and noticed results after the first visit. The mental fatigue I’ve suffered for so long immediately dissipated. It was like someone took their hand and wiped away years of sludge from the top of my head.

“Going into my third appointment with Dr. Mandlin, the mental fatigue hasn’t returned. I used to spend most of my weekends in bed exhausted from my job. Within two weeks of my first visit, I was vacuuming the house, wiping cupboards clean, and still had enough energy to go out with friends and family. Now, after three weeks, I have a life again. I want to reach out to other people. I feel energetic. I sleep better. Suicidal thoughts have popped up twice. But they were fleeting and had no power over me. For the first time in years, I have energy and I feel hopeful.”

Case 8

This fifty-three-year-old Caucasian female received her initial diagnosis of “possible multiple sclerosis (MS)” in 1980. She had her first magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan in 1999 and started taking interferons. By the year 2000, she had had an exacerbation and a follow-up MRI and had received the new diagnosis of secondary, progressive MS. About that time she started to use a cane and had another MRI.

By 2002 she was seeing an acupuncturist, Dr. Merek Ramirez, who practiced traditional Chinese medicine and treated her with acupuncture and herbal decoctions. That treatment regimen has continued to 2006 and has contributed to stopping the disease progression and improving many aspects of her life.

In October of 2004 she stopped taking the interferons. Earlier in 2004 she had another MRI and took those films and all the others to a radiologist in Springfield, Ohio. After examining the films he noted that there was a visible difference in the disease progression from 1999 to the year 2000. There was no difference, however, between the 2000 and 2004 MRIs. An attending retired neurosurgeon who was present at the time remarked, “It’s been arrested!”

Then there was another change. “In September of 2005, my acupuncturist, Dr. Merek Ramirez, referred me to Dr. Viktoria Mandlin. He told me that she was a medical doctor who no longer practiced Western medicine. She was using something called Hemi-Sync. He commented, ‘I think she could help you.’ So in September of 2005 I began to use Hemi-Sync CDs under her supervision.

“I started noticing that my legs were feeling stronger sometime around December of 2005. This was not consistent but certainly noticeable to me when it did occur. I wondered if the Hemi-Sync was responsible, as nothing else had changed in my routine.

“In March of 2006 I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist at the Ohio State University Multiple Sclerosis Center. She told me I was ‘holding my own.’ When I asked to see the results of an annual walking time test, I noticed that my walking speed in 2006 was the fastest it had been in the last four years. At that time she had her office arrange for another MRI, since the last one was in 2004.

“On March 23, 2006, I had an MRI done at Mercy Medical Center, where the 2004 scan was done. The letter from the radiologist noted that he ‘did not see focal areas of abnormal signal involving the midbrain, brainstem, or the proximal spinal cord as was described on prior examination.’ It seemed to me that the radiologist was describing a medical miracle, as MS lesions in the brain don’t heal. Again, I was cautious. I took the letter to Dr. Mandlin and Dr. Laszlo Toth. They confirmed that I had understood it correctly.

“I have been exercising with a Pilates instructor since the spring of 2005. The instructor has noted that my progress has been quite remarkable and she, herself, has stated that she believes it is the Hemi-Sync that has caused my improvement. This January, I resumed a workout routine with a personal trainer who had worked with me during the summer of 2005. She was quite amazed at how much my strength, balance, and coordination had improved since then.

“I have also been able to cut back on two different medications. I had been on as much as 150 mg of Zoloft® daily. Currently I am on a 25 mg daily dose. My husband has commented that I seem to be calmer now. For a number of years I have taken Ritalin® to combat fatigue. The usual dose was a 5 mg tablet two, three, or sometimes four times per day. I have been taking one or two tablets per day for a number of weeks now, and today is the first day I have taken none at all. My energy level has still allowed me to function without the complete exhaustion that would overtake me at least once and sometimes two or three times per day.

“Almost every aspect of my life has realized a remarkable improvement in the last six months since beginning to use Hemi-Sync CDs. Although I have noticed these subtle improvements, I have been very cautious in reporting them since many of them are quite subjective. Now, however, others are noticing the difference in my walking and my overall frame of mind. Indeed, the changes have been documented by an MRI scan.

“I am eternally grateful to Dr. Viktoria Mandlin and to the Hemi-Sync technology for having improved so many aspects of my life. For years I have ‘known’ in my heart that there was something ‘out there’ that would improve my condition and conquer this insidious disease. I must say that I did doubt Dr. Viktoria’s very confident belief that Hemi-Sync would improve my symptoms. Her cheerful confidence, however, was unfailing. At this time I am very happy to provide the physical proof for her belief in the ‘life-improving’ capacity of Hemi-Sync.”

This client used exercises from the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE Waves I and II, the HUMAN PLUS CDs Restorative Sleep, Brain: Support & Maintenance, Synchronizing, Think Fast, Attention, De-Hab, and De-Tox, and MIND FOOD Energy Walk.

Case 9

This client is a pilot who suffered a spinal cord injury at L4, L5, and S1 in a plane crash. He was referred by Rebecca Nessle, RM, CR, whom he is seeing twice weekly for reflexology sessions that have improved his condition.

“I began Hemi-Sync sessions with Dr. Viktoria Mandlin on January 26, 2006. At that time, I was in a wheelchair the majority of the time, having suffered a spinal cord injury in September 2004. The spinal cord injury has left me, thus far, with paralyzed feet. After about a month of using Hemi-Sync, I was able to walk on crutches for distances up to about 500 feet. Additionally, I was able to move to less supportive shoes, relying on plastic inserts instead of the much heavier metal rods on either side of my feet. In March I started acupuncture and herbal treatments with Dr. Merek Ramirez, a very positive experience.

“During the last week of March, my physical therapist was astounded at how much strength and balance I had recently gained. I could take about a dozen steps using one crutch only—something I had NEVER done before. This also means I should soon be moving to just a cane. This is a monumental step for me because the medical community didn’t know if I would ever walk again. If I can get to a cane, I can get to unassisted walking! My therapist was so impressed she called the other therapists over to ‘show me off.’ I attribute my recent accelerated healing to Dr. Viktoria Mandlin and the benefits of the Hemi-Sync program.”

The exercises used were the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE Waves I, II, and III and HUMAN PLUS Restorative Sleep, Synchronizing, Brain: Support & Maintenance, De-Tox, and De-Hab.


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