Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Instrument...


Metamusic® Instrumentation - by Instrument

This table lists all the instruments used in each of the Metamusic exercises, listed alphabetically by instrument, with links back to each exercise.

Ambient textures Serene Sleep
atmospheres Dimensions in Time
atmospheres Pearl Moon
bansuri Strand
bansuri, Bamboo Blue  Strand
bass Beneath the Moon
bass Egyptian Sun
bass, fretless  Heaven and Earth
bells Convergence
bells Mayan Winds
bells, folk  Oasis
bells, orchestra  Dreamland
bells, Tibetan Serene Sleep
bells, tubular  Octaves of Light
bowls Convergence
bowls, crystal singing  Dreamseed
bowls, crystal singing  Octaves of Light
bowls, singing  Enchanted Forest
bowls, singing  Touching Grace
bowls, Tibetan  Serene Sleep
cello Egyptian Sun
cello Portraits
cello Romantic Wonder
cello The Dreaming Gate
Chamber Ensemble Baroque Garden
Chamber Ensemble Masterworks
chants Egyptian Sun
chants Medicine Work
chants, indigenous  Between Worlds
chants, indigenous  The Dreaming Gate
chants, sacred  Deep Time Dreaming
chimes Chakra Journey
chimes Enchanted Forest
chimes Octaves of Light
chimes, crystal  Dreamland
chimes, wind  Dreamland
clarinet Tranquility
claves, wood  Vision Quest
computer software Sacred Realms
computer sound processing Cosmic Traveler
cymbals Convergence
didgeridoo Between Worlds
didgeridoo Dreamseed
didgeridoo Mayan Winds
didgeridoo Medicine Work
didgeridoo Octaves of Light
didgeridoo Spirit Gathering
didgeridoo The Dreaming Gate
didgeridoo The Shaman's Heart
didgeridoo Touching Grace
dolphin-speak Waves of Love
drones Dreamcatcher
drums Heaven and Earth
drums Mayan Winds
drums  Spirit Gathering
drums, Apache  Dimensions in Time
drums, bass Medicine Work
drums, bass  Deep Time Dreaming
drums, buffalo  Medicine Work
drums, buffalo  The Shaman's Heart
drums, ceremonial  Medicine Work
drums, ceremony  Chakra Journey
drums, frame  Deep Time Dreaming
drums, frame  Medicine Work
drums, frame  The Shaman's Heart
drums, full set Egyptian Sun
drums, mallet  Heaven and Earth
drums, medicine  Star Spirits
drums, tabla The Dreaming Gate
drums, tabla Tranquility
drums, Taos  Beneath the Moon
drums, Taos  Convergence
drums, Taos  Dimensions in Time
drums, Tibetan hand  Convergence
drums, timpanis Egyptian Sun
drums, udu Heaven and Earth
drums, various  Dreamseed
drums, various  Vision Quest
dumbek Egyptian Sun
electronic music Ascension
electronic music Breakthrough for Peak-Performance
electronic music Celestial Meditation
electronic music Cloudscapes
electronic music Deep Journeys
electronic music Dreamer's Journey
electronic music Ecstatic
electronic music Einstein's Dream
electronic music Elation
electronic music Hemi-Sync in Motion
electronic music Hemi-Sync Support for Healing
electronic music Higher
electronic music Illumination for Peak-Performance
electronic music Indigo for Quantum Focus
electronic music Inner Journey
electronic music Into the Deep
electronic music Maiden Voyage
electronic music Mystic Realms
electronic music Portal to Eternity
electronic music Remembrance
electronic music Seasons at Roberts Mountain
electronic music Sleeping Through the Rain
electronic music Spiral of Light
electronic music Spirit's Journey
electronic music The Lotus Mind
electronic music The Music of Graceful Passages
electronic music The Visitation
electronic music Transformation
electronic music Tribal Journeys
electronic music Voyage to the Other Side
electronic music  Golden Mind
electronic music  The Maze
electronic music  The Return
flute Beneath the Moon
flute Between Worlds
flute Dreamseed
flute Egyptian Sun
flute Gaia
flute Himalayan Soul
flute Land of Spirit
flute Lullaby
flute Mayan Winds
flute Pearl Moon
flute Portraits
flute Prisms
flute Radiance
flute Romantic Wonder
flute Spirit Gathering
flute Strand
flute Touching Grace
flute Tranquility
flute, Aboriginal  Winds Over the World
flute, alto  Dreamland
flute, Anasazi Native American Strand
flute, bass Strand
flute, bass bamboo Strand
flute, Chinese  Convergence
flute, Indian  Octaves of Light
flute, Native Dreamland
flute, Native Octaves of Light
flute, Native Star Spirits
flute, Native Where the Earth Touches the Stars
flute, Native  Desert Moon Song
flute, Native American Convergence
flute, Nepali  Strand
flute, silver  Desert Moon Song
flute, silver  Dreamland
gongs Egyptian Sun
gongs, Gamelan  The Dreaming Gate
guitar Desert Moon Song
guitar Dimensions in Time
guitar Egyptian Sun
guitar Enchanted Forest
guitar Gaia
guitar Lightfall
guitar Portraits
guitar Prisms
guitar Romantic Wonder
guitar, acoustic Heaven and Earth
guitar, acoustic Pearl Moon
guitar, acoustic  Beyond the Golden Light
guitar, acoustic  Oasis
guitar, acoustic bass Strand
guitar, classical Guitarra Clásica
guitar, classical Midsummer Night
guitar, ebow Heaven and Earth
guitar, electric Beyond the Golden Light
guitar, electric Flow  
guitar, electric Heaven and Earth
guitar, electric It Dreams In Me
guitar, electric Oasis
guitar, electric Pearl Moon
guitar, electric Strand
harmonic chords Dreamcatcher
harmonic tones Cosmic Consciousness
harp Desert Moon Song
harp Serenity
harp Touching Grace
heartbeat rhythm The Shaman's Heart II
horns, Tibetan  The Dreaming Gate
instrumentation, vintage analog  Cycles
instruments, authentic American Indian  Dimensions in Time
Irish harp Angel Paradise
keyboards Beneath the Moon
keyboards Chakra Journey
keyboards Convergence
keyboards Egyptian Sun
keyboards Flow  
keyboards Lightfall
keyboards Midsummer Night
keyboards Oasis
keyboards Octaves of Light
keyboards Prisms
keyboards Spirit Gathering
keyboards Waves of Love
keyboards Wisdom of the Heart
keyboards  Cosmic Consciousness
keyboards, electronic  Sacred Realms
keyboards, modern digital  Awakening Consciousness
keytar, wind-controlled   Enchanted Forest
marimba Mayan Winds
mbira Between Worlds
nature sounds Desert Moon Song
nature sounds Dreamseed
nature sounds Octaves of Light
nature sounds Serene Sleep
nature sounds Serenity
nature sounds Spirit Gathering
nature sounds Star Spirits
nature sounds Touching Grace
nature sounds, crickets Cosmic Traveler
nature sounds, crickets Midsummer Night
nature sounds, ocean  Waves of Love
nature sounds, ocean waves Chakra Journey
nature sounds, ocean waves Seaside Slumber
nature sounds, rainforest Mayan Winds
nature sounds, water Gaia
night sounds Cosmic Traveler
ocarina Convergence
ocarina Spirit Gathering
ocarina The Shaman's Heart
ocarina Tranquility
orchestral sounds Serenity
orchestral textures Beneath the Moon
oud Egyptian Sun
pennywhistle Tranquility
percussion Spirit Gathering
percussion The Shaman's Heart
percussion Touching Grace
percussion Tranquility
percussion Vision Quest
percussion  Desert Moon Song
percussion (including Taos drums) Flow  
percussion, shamanic  Between Worlds
percussion, wooden  Ecstatic
piano Oasis
piano Pearl Moon
piano Portraits
piano Radiance
piano Wisdom of the Heart
piano  Lullaby
piano, acoustic  Serenity
piano, electric  Pearl Moon
piano, electric  Seaside Slumber
piano, grand  Seaside Slumber
pipa Octaves of Light
pots, clay Medicine Work
pots, clay  Deep Time Dreaming
rainfall Midsummer Night
rattles Chakra Journey
rattles Mayan Winds
rattles Medicine Work
rattles, medicine  The Shaman's Heart II
rattles, shamanic  The Shaman's Heart
rattles, turtle  Convergence
recordings, field recordings Between Worlds
recordings, field recordings of water sounds Dreamcatcher
recordings, field recordings of whale calls Dreamcatcher
recordings, Indian cylinder recordings from 1894 Dimensions in Time
recordings, live recordings of Kiowa powwow songs Dimensions in Time
recordings, nature field  Reflections
recordings, on-site location  Dimensions in Time
samplers Cosmic Traveler
saxophone Tranquility
shakers Medicine Work
shakers Vision Quest
shekere Vision Quest
shenai Octaves of Light
sitar Egyptian Sun
solo Hang Emergence
solo huaca Breath of Creation 
solo piano River Dawn: Piano Meditations
solo piano Timeless
sonic atmospheres Spirit Gathering
soundscapes Serene Sleep
soundscapes Touching Grace
soundscapes, highly textured  The Dreaming Gate
soundspaces, sonic Dimensions in Time
soundworld, shamanic  Medicine Work
soundworlds Deep Time Dreaming
Stratocaster Strand
straws Convergence
strings Midsummer Night
strings Pearl Moon
strings  Oasis
synthesizer Between Worlds
synthesizer Beyond the Golden Light
synthesizer Cosmic Consciousness
synthesizer Desert Moon Song
synthesizer Dimensions in Time
synthesizer Dreamcatcher
synthesizer Dreamseed
synthesizer Oasis
synthesizer Portraits
synthesizer Radiance
synthesizer Reflections
synthesizer Spirit Gathering
synthesizer Star Spirits
synthesizer Tranquility
synthesizer Vision Quest
synthesizer Where the Earth Touches the Stars
synthesizer Wisdom of the Heart
synthesizer  Serenity
synthesizer, analog Enchanted Forest
synthesizer, analog Land of Spirit
synthesizer, analog and digital  Beneath the Moon
synthesizer, analog and digital  Eternity Within
synthesizer, analog and digital  Eternity Within
synthesizer, analog and digital  Pearl Moon
synthesizer, analog and digital  Pearl Moon
synthesizer, analog and digital  The Journey Home
synthesizer, analog and digital  The Journey Home
synthesizer, analog modeling Cosmic Traveler
synthesizer, classic vintage  Awakening Consciousness
synthesizer, digital  Cosmic Traveler
synthesizer, modular  Awakening Consciousness
tabla Egyptian Sun
tabla Octaves of Light
tambura The Dreaming Gate
toms, hybrid  Medicine Work
toms, hybrid  The Shaman's Heart
trance drumming The Shaman's Heart II
udu Medicine Work
udu The Shaman's Heart
udu Vision Quest
vibraharp Dreamland
violins Egyptian Sun
violins Serenity
vocals Dimensions in Time
vocals Octaves of Light
vocals The Dreaming Gate
vocals, angelic Radiance
vocals, angelic Touching Grace
vocals, Apache Crown Dancer songs  Dimensions in Time
vocals, overtone singing Deep Time Dreaming
vocals, Tibetan throat singing Enchanted Forest
voice Beyond the Golden Light
voice Radiance
voice Spirit Gathering
wind Chakra Journey


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