Healing Tapes Update

(Breakthrough, Fall 1988)

Healing Tapes Update

by Project Leader Suzanne Jonas, Ph.D.

The purpose of the Healing Tapes project is to develop Hemi-Sync tapes for use with specific illnesses or diseases. The project group which formed at the 1987 Professional Seminar targeted the first tape in this series on diseases or malfunctions within the cardiovascular system. An outline for a visualization script was completed at that time. The final detailed script was completed in the Fall and sent back to the Institute for voicing and Hemi-Sync®. This was accomplished this Spring. The tape consists of two different sides: Side A is Deep 10 Relaxation (for familiarization with process); Side B is the new cardiac visualization.

At present, David Stanley, M.D., a member of the original group, and myself are in the midst of designing a double-blind study for use with cardiac patients in a controlled study. In order to gather as much information as possible, a subjective study will also be implemented for cardiac patients to enroll in on their own, i.e., not through an attending physician.

Group Members: Suzanne Jonas, Bob Roalfe, Rolando Torres, Mark Chariff, David Sprunt, David Stanley, Albey Reiner, Virginia Morasani.

This quarter’s issue of BREAKTHROUGH offers our Professional Membership an update on the six projects initiated at The Monroe Institute’s (TMI) Fifth Annual Professional Seminar of August, 1987. We salute the project leaders and groups who have devoted their time and effort to furthering the Professional Membership’s mission of exploring and expanding the applications of Hemi-Sync technology.


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