Reactions to Gateway Experience

(TMI Focus, Vol. XI, No. 1, Winter 1990)

Reactions to Gateway Experience


GATEWAY EXPERIENCE®, the popular in-home training system which evolved directly out of the GATEWAY VOYAGE® program, has proven a valuable tool for learning and experiencing profound areas of expanded awareness. This series, designed to be used at your leisure in a designated sequence, produces cumulatively powerful outcomes in exploration and development of consciousness. Reactions we’ve received from users of this series indicate the range of results achieved.

“I feel a connectedness—a sense of belonging—with whatever it is ‘out there’ (or ‘in here’—any difference?).”

H. R., South Africa

“Each tape session is an event... I am no longer afraid to die—therefore no longer afraid to live... “I have played Pathways, WAVE V— EXPLORING while giving massage treatments. It has evoked past-life memories and visions for clients.”

S. H., England

“I get clearer messages from my body about its current condition. When something isn’t quite up to par, I can discover where the trouble is so I can do what needs to be done to correct it.”

C. P., Washington

“I have grown and changed into a much different person. One of the big differences is that I now feel much more comfortable following my feelings . . . using my intuition.”

W. P., Ohio

“Since I have been listening to the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE tapes I have experienced many new patterns of behavior and thought: a more objective view of what I’m doing; using behavior that gets me closer to goals; less complaining about what my life lacks. I appreciate people more for what they are doing, pay less attention to what I wish they might become, am less inclined to want others to make changes for me. I have more patience, am more assertive, less victimized, more understanding.”

L.S., California


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