Positive Immunity: Pilot Program - Hemi-Sync® and Aids

(Hemi-Sync® Journal, Vol. IX, No 4, Fall 1991)

Positive Immunity: Pilot Program - Hemi-Sync® and Aids

by James R. Greene


James Greene, CEO of Flashback Enterprises and educator, has twenty years of experience in the hair industry—product and distribution, advanced cosmetology instruction, and photostyling and fashion. His thirteen-year association with TMI began with the M-5000 Club. In addition to the Positive Immunity pilot program presented here, he is presently developing a program of Hemi-Sync for cosmetology schools.

On December 17,1987, USA Today published a report on a study conducted by Mark Rider, a music therapist from Southern Methodist University, and Dr. Jeanne Acterberg of the University of Texas Health Science Center on the effects of creative visualization. A group of thirty volunteers listened periodically to a twenty-minute tape containing a relaxation message followed by music. They were asked to visualize specific types of blood cells being released in their bodies while listening to the tapes.

After six weeks, blood tests showed the only cell count that increased was the one they had visualized. While reading this report, it occurred to me that the combination of creative visualization and Hemi-Sync could aid in T-cell production for people who are infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

I discussed with The Monroe Institute the possibility of creating a program which would be geared primarily to people diagnosed HIV-positive (the precursor to AIDS). With the Institute’s support, and about two years of planning, the Positive Immunity (PI) pilot program was completed in the fall of 1989. The potential health benefits are extraordinary.

During the last ten years, while medical researchers have focused on developing an HIV-positive vaccine, not enough was being done on the psychological level. Instead of telling people to prepare themselves to die, rather, it seems appropriate to facilitate a positive attitude toward living. This new way of thinking can lead to a more productive and rewarding life, and possibly eliminate the virus.

PI is not restricted to HIV-positive persons. Indeed, the workshop can help those who are living with, or involved with, those who have tested positive or who have full-blown AIDS.

With a goal of tapping inner guidance and healing or strengthening the immune system, the program was developed to meet the mental, emotional, physical, sleep, and total self needs of the individual. Input from Bob Monroe about specific tapes helped us select the first seven tapes from the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE® series: Orientation (Focus 3), Introduction to Focus 10, Advanced Focus 10, Release and Recharge, Energy Bar Tool, Introduction to Living Body Map, and Free Flow Focus 12. Copies of the Focus 12 Immunizing script, custom-written in 1990 by Robert Rosenthal, MD, are given to the participants. This guided imagery journey through the body’s cells is specifically designed to help increase the body’s T-4, or helper, cells which are instrumental to the immune system’s functioning.

Participation in PI has been limited to ten people per workshop and begins with an evening orientation and two tapes. The next day includes the remaining five tapes and discussion. A full two-day program is desirable when possible. Once the group has completed the first seven tapes, I recommend using H-PLUS® tapes on an as-needed basis. (A weekly or semi-monthly support group to introduce each tape was difficult to maintain, but the potential value and benefits of this type of group support are obvious.) The H-PLUS tapes include: Relax, Let Go, Restorative Sleep, Regenerate, Contemplation, Immunizing, Sweet Dreams, De-Discomfort, Circulation, and Eight-Great.

Bob Monroe’s assistance in selection again proved to be extremely helpful. Numerous tapes in the H-PLUS catalog are useful because people who contract the virus may develop problems to which they are genetically predisposed. They can then structure a more individualized program for themselves.

The feedback on PI has been essentially upbeat. Some participants do not use the tapes after the workshop nor do they use Hemi-Sync tools. However, those who do experience very encouraging results. To our knowledge, the T-cells of at least three participants have increased. Reaching HIV-positive persons before their T-cell counts plunge to a low level, and before they develop opportunistic infections, seems to increase the chances of maintaining the integrity of the immune system and perhaps strengthening it.

The most difficult problem I have is determining exactly how beneficial the tapes are. A diagnosis of HIV-positive is almost always a life-and-death issue, making it virtually impossible to develop the participant’s confidence to the extent that he or she is willing to use Hemi-Sync tapes and tools exclusive of other systems. All participants are under the care of at least one physician and are using numerous prescribed therapies. Thus, unless the facilitator is also the participant’s physician or is working directly with his/her physician, it is unlikely that the efficacy of Hemi-Sync can be determined.

My hope is that the PI program will be expanded and facilitated by physicians or certified nonmedical professionals in association with physicians, which would enable us to compile more comprehensive data. Additionally, PI could become an adjunct therapy integrated with the primary healthcare services being received by the participant.

I believe that the correct H-PLUS tapes prescribed for the specific individuals in the early stages of immune system dysfunction can affect the longevity of afflicted people. Perhaps even more important, the quality of their lives can be improved through developing an understanding that they are more than their physical bodies.

Perhaps the only way to evaluate PI honestly is to put the question to the participants and trust their judgment. The testimony of one of our original participants brings this message vividly to light.

“.. .What are the things I am doing to stay well? One major thing is using The Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync tapes. I find a combination of the H-PLUS and GATEWAY tapes to be optimal. I believe this is because the [H-PLUS] tapes work for me as a direct mind-to-body experience while the GATEWAY tapes provide me with spiritual nourishment. Jim Greene and Bob Monroe obviously recognized the benefits of both when they developed the Positive Immunity pilot project. Of the H-PLUS series, Restorative Sleep is my favorite. From the GATEWAY series, One Month Patterning is my tape of choice. All, however, have something to offer, and I believe each person who uses them regularly will develop a combination that works best for him or her. Initially I used one or two tapes every day at 4:00 PM. Now I listen when I feel the need and don’t have a regular schedule. The tape I use and the time is determined by my own sense of hunger. I do, however, keep the tapes handy at all times.

Although the tapes are excellent in and of themselves, I believe the most important thing I’ve gotten from them is the ability to go into Focus 10 and Focus 12 without them, and to put my “altered state” to good use. Recently, for example, while in the dentist’s chair, I was able to close out pain using Focus 10. No tapes were involved; I merely used the technique.

What I hope I have just described is a process wherein the tapes are a support mechanism, playing a dominant training role in the beginning and a less frequent, but important, refresher role when one becomes familiar with the techniques.

Has the Positive Immunity project of The Monroe Institute saved me from sickness or death? No one can know that, but I do believe it has played a significant role in my continuing state of overall well-being.”

[For more information on Positive Immunity, contact Jim Greene, 4011 South 7th Street, Arlington, VA 22204.]


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