It’s Elementary! Hemi-Sync® and Student Health

(TMI Focus, Vol. XX, No. 2, Spring 1998)

It’s Elementary! Hemi-Sync® and Student Health

by Celine Tardif

Céline Tardif participated in five TMI residential programs between 1992 and 1995. Recognizing the power of her experiences at the programs, she has continued to make Hemi- Sync a valued part of her daily life. Since 1994 she has been introducing Hemi-Sync and TMI to many audiences and instituting Hemi-Sync projects, especially in the field of education, in which she has worked for twenty years.

The Baluchon School in Mansonville, Quebec, asked me to give a presentation about Hemi-Sync in connection with the planning of a comprehensive health project. The goal of the project, sponsored and organized by Dr. Serge Therien’s Fondation Sante Ideale, was to improve students’ health over-all, with particular attention to the health of hyperactive children. The project expects to demonstrate the greater effectiveness of a model that promotes health by improving quality of life rather than by focusing on traditional cures for physical, psychosocial, and environmental illness. One hundred and twenty children, divided into seven groups from first to sixth grade, are participating in the project. At the end of the 1997-1998 school year, the numbers and reasons for student absences will be compared to those of the previous academic year.

To improve the concentration and creativity of both students and teachers, Hemi-Sync was chosen to be part of the project. All of its elements are listed below.

  • Classroom walls have been painted a calming blue.
  • New lighting which reflects 94 percent of the solar spectrum has been substituted for the standard fluorescent bulbs in the class­rooms and the lunchroom.
  • Spreading of germs is reduced by frequent hand-washing under “black lite.”
  • Students grow and care for green plants in the classrooms.
  • Students receive a high protein snack of almonds twice a day.
  • The electromagnetic field is monitored.
  • And last, but not least, stereo sound systems have been built in­to the seven classrooms. Wall speakers provide optimum listening conditions for the Hemi-Sync tapes.

I presented the teachers with information about the Hemi-Sync tech­nology, the functioning of the brain, levels of consciousness, and specific classroom applications for the tapes. They also had the opportunity to experience the tapes themselves in order to help them fully understand the value of Hemi-Sync. In each classroom, Concentration, Remem­brance, and a METAMUSIC tape of their choice will be played during the school day.

Since the project started at the beginning of the current school year, Director Mme Angela Elias has been very enthusiastic about the collaboration among all those involved: faculty, support staff, and custodians, as well as students and parents. Teachers are noticing a marked im­provement in their students’ attitudes when Hemi-Sync is playing. Parents are delighted.

As Robert Monroe said, “The results of research are meaningful only if reduced to practical application, to something of value within the context of contemporary culture.” This project, contributing to improved conditions of life, of health, and of learning in this Cana­dian elementary school, meets his criteria nicely.

 [The value of using Hemi-Sync in classrooms has been demonstrated in many places. An article in the fall 1997 TMI FOCUS reported on one such dramatic experience. All of us may not be able to convince our local schools to install sound systems for playing Hemi-Sync. However, we can share information with parents and teachers about its effectiveness in promoting learning.


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