Pain Control

(TMI Focus, Vol XIII, No. 4, Fall 1991)

Pain Control

by Susan Tirotta

Susan Tirotta, of Ellensburg, Washington, submitted this dramatic account of her use of Pain  Control to relieve an acute allergic reaction.

About five years ago I began very suddenly to experience life-threatening allergic reactions to certain foods. I had never had any allergies or asthma before age thirty, so this has been a mystery to me. The anaphylactic reactions I have had to such previously innocuous foods as apples, peaches, blueberries, and filberts have required several trips to the local emergency room for adrenaline injections; I now carry a bee sting kit and epinephrine inhaler with me at all times so that I can treat myself if necessary. I have deduced that I am reacting to some substance on the fruits and nuts, such as a fungicide/herbicide/pesticide.

It had been over eighteen months since I had had an allergic reaction, so I presumed the mysterious episodes had subsided as quickly as they had come. I was wrong. On the evening of January 2, 1991, I ate about ten pistachio nuts, something that had never bothered me in the past. Within seconds my eyes and ears began to swell closed, my hands became so swollen I could not bend my fingers, ropes of clear mucus began to stream from my sinuses and lungs, and huge red welts began to spread over my body. Aware that my airway would soon begin to swell closed, I rushed to the bathroom, used my inhaler twice and ingested a double dose of Benadryl antihistamine.

From my previous experiences, I could tell that this was a particularly violent anaphylactic reaction and I should get to the hospital emergency room. As I was home alone and in no condition to drive, I began to go to the phone to call a neighbor to take me to the nearest hospital, about thirty minutes away over icy roads. Doing some quick calculations, I estimated that the antihistamine would not show any effects for about ten minutes, while my breathing was becoming increasingly labored. It was then that the internal effects began. Apparently, hives are not limited to the skin alone, but can begin to break out in the digestive system, which was happening to me. The abdominal pain became excruciating very quickly, so I decided not to call my neighbor. I honestly felt that if I could not get control of my bodily reactions very quickly, I would die. I crawled to my bedroom, grabbed my stereo headphones, and clamped them on my head. I found the Hemi-Sync Pain Control tape and jammed it into my cassette player. Luckily, I had borrowed a Hemi-Sync De-Discomfort tape from a friend several months ago and entrained myself with the “55515” Command long before purchasing my own Pain Control tape.

The internal pain I now experienced was very severe; my eyes and ears were totally swelled shut, my breath coming in shallow gasps. I lay on the floor with my knees clasped to my chest and turned on the tape player. My emergency syringe of epinephrine was on the floor beside me, but I wasn’t sure I could stay conscious long enough to inject myself. I hoped that my brain would absorb the Hemi-Sync signals even though I could no longer hear through my swollen ears. Within about fifteen seconds of turning on the tape I began to feel its effects. Although I was still doubled up and could not straighten my legs, I suddenly felt as though part of myself had split away and become an “observer” of the pain, and that my consciousness was in this pain free-part of myself. Although my body was still in the throes of the attack, I no longer felt that I was going to die. Additionally, although I was conscious of the severe pain and exactly where it was, I was detached from it.

I listened to the entire Pain Control tape, flipped it over and listened to it again, and then listened yet a third time. By this time, the antihistamines had begun to work; I could breathe more easily. I still couldn’t see out of my swollen eyes, but I groped my way to the bathroom and prepared a warm bath filled with Epsom salts. I spent two hours in the bath before the hives began to go away. Before I went to bed, I listened to the Circulation and Energy Walk tapes so that I could begin to clear the toxic wastes and chemicals from my body. I spent the next day working very hard with Circulation and started using Regenerate on my adrenals and thymus. I was amazed at how much more quickly I recovered than in the past. I now believe that my adrenals do not work as they should, and am using Regenerate on a daily basis to repair them.

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