Making Customized Tapes With the Hemi-Sync® Synthesizer

(Breakthrough, Fall 1988)

This quarter’s issue of BREAKTHROUGH offers our Professional Membership an update on the six projects initiated at The Monroe Institute’s (TMI) Fifth Annual Professional Seminar of August, 1987. We salute the project leaders and groups who have devoted their time and effort to furthering the Professional Membership’s mission of exploring and expanding the applications of Hemi-Sync technology.

Making Customized Tapes With the Hemi-Sync® Synthesizer 

by Project Leader Kristen Eichleay

At the Fifth Annual Professional Seminar in August of ‘87, a concern was expressed several times by those attending—that many Hemi-Sync® synthesizer users would like to produce customized tapes, but require some technical assistance to do so. As our group project, some of us decided to develop a manual for creating customized tapes. Our “customized” group consists of myself, Stephen Bladd, Jack Bruns, Robert Bushman, Alan Goodwin, Judy Miller, Roger Reckis, and Joy Supplee.

Realizing that individuals may be using the device in a variety of creative ways, we decided to solicit ideas for possible applications of the synthesizer from current users. With the help of Dave Wallis, we left the seminar with a diagram demonstrating how to integrate the synthesizer with other audio equipment, possible survey questions, and a plan for creating the manual.

Getting close to the finished product, the manual now includes two diagrams and the following three sets of instructions for customizing tapes:

  1. making tapes without voiceover (surf/music tapes)
  2. making tapes with live voiceover (surf/music/voice tapes)
  3. making tapes with separate voiceover (surf/music/voice tapes)

The manual indicates the equipment needed along with possible sources of the equipment, and offers helpful hints for setting it up and using it. Survey responses are still coming in and will be included.

Through the publication and dissemination of this manual by the Institute, we hope to expand the use of the synthesizer, to allow for the creation of background environments to meet the needs of individual situations and to facilitate ease of use of the synthesizer, particularly for non-technical users. We plan to have it completed by the end of the year and hope that it will be a useful document.


Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries, Inc.
© 1988 The Monroe Institute

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