Brain Injury Recovery With Hemi-Sync®

(Hemi-Sync® Journal, Vol. VIII, No. 3, Summer 1990)

Brain Injury Recovery With Hemi-Sync®

by JoHanna Hawthorne, M.A., and Susan Anton-Johnson

The following article is excerpted from a book in progress by JoHanna Hawthorne and Susan Anton-Johnson. Permission has been granted by the authors to publish this material. It is with deep appreciation that we offer this account of Ms. Hawthorne’s struggle with the effects of “closed head trauma” and her courageous path to recovery.

In January 1984, I was involved in an automobile accident. Although the car was “totalled,” I was released from the hospital after only a quick examination. There were no broken bones, lacerations, or loss of consciousness. My symptoms of concussion were dismissed.

Within seven months I was fired from my job due to unacceptable performance. I dropped out of school because I couldn’t do the work. Friends disappeared and my relationship of over a year ended. What happened?

I didn’t know. I cried often and uncontrollably. For no reason, the tears just flowed. And I just sat. It was impossible to concentrate or remember anything I read, even newspapers or magazines. Television was incomprehensible. During my conversations, other people got glazed looks in their eyes and made fast exits. Watching all this happen, I was unable to understand what was wrong. It was like a movie of someone else’s life. Getting lost going to the store, being angry a lot, and forgetting how to cook, shop, or wash clothes was commonplace. I was in a fog. I knew there was a world out there and that there was a problem, but I had no idea that I could or needed to fix anything.

After a year of this, I finally saw a neurologist. He ran three days of painful tests and, when the results were in, carefully explained the findings. My brain had been organically bruised and damaged from slamming around inside my skull as a result of the severe jolts it had received in the accident. He called my injury “closed head trauma” and prescribed medication to stabilize the mood swings and to help me think more clearly.

I fought taking the medication but could not operate without it. With its help, I began to see that the world was crumbling around me. My confusion began to clear. I realized that something was wrong. I needed to change it and put my life back together.

The reason people left my life was now clear. I looked okay, but no longer made sense. In conversation, the words in my head were not the same words that came out of my mouth. I hadn’t realized that.

I discovered something else, too. The accident had left me operating with the social graces, and at the emotional level, of a four-year-old. Thus, the mood swings: happy one minute, sad or angry the next. I also had a short attention span and was extremely selfcentered. A consulting psychiatrist diagnosed a permanent impairment of 42%, with 30% to my intelligence. However, like a stubborn four-year-old, I refused to accept it and vowed to get better. I accepted that I was brain injured, but refused to allow that injury to determine the way I lived the rest of my life.

My search began for tools that would help me to make positive changes. Once I opened to the possibility of doing more, and began to talk about some of my problems, people offered suggestions of resources, tapes, and readings that might help. It was as though, once I agreed to be healthy, opportunities arose to make it happen.

That’s how I discovered the Hemi-Sync® tapes. Someone had seen an ad for Hemi-Sync tapes in a New Age magazine and brought me the information. I immediately ordered some tapes.

Six years after my accident, I started using Hemi-Sync tapes from the Human Plus series. Friends from my support group began noticing changes. They said, “In the last two or three weeks, you’ve been so much brighter. You’ve had more energy. You’ve been so much quicker. Why, you’re making jokes left and right.” When I told a joke at work one day, a coworker said, “Don’t tell me you’re brain damaged if you can make a remark that fast.” Back at my desk, I realized that I’d been using the H-Plus tape Brain: Repairs & Maintenance, and obviously it was working. At that point, I contacted The Monroe Institute to tell them how effective their tapes were in my healing process.

The people who noticed the difference in me didn’t know about the tapes. They were remarking on my brightness and quickness. Until others noticed the changes, I hadn’t realized that I was improving. When it was brought to my attention, I asked myself, “What’s different?” The only difference was listening to the tape every night. I was sleeping better, things were going more smoothly, and I experienced various breakthroughs. At times I’d think, “Oh, I handled this much better now. I’m doing this easier now.” It wasn’t a case of listening to the tape one day and the next day saying, “Oh, I listened to the tape last night and now look how good I am.” It was an ongoing process rather than a dramatic, overnight change.

With the help of new study methods, I’ve returned to school and earned my masters degree in Learning and Human Development Technology. A friend encouraged me to study NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) training, so I am now a certified NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist.

Part of knowing our capabilities is to do something that normally seems out of our scope of possibility. At the end of the NLP training, I was given an 11” x 12” x 3/4” thick board and told to break it with my hand. Methods of concentrating and focusing to see my hand beyond the board were demonstrated. Previous study of Tai Chi also helped me to concentrate. In a single swipe, I broke the board. And didn’t hurt my hand at all! I experienced an unparalleled sense of power and assurance never before felt. I knew then that, as I had broken the board, I could do anything I set my mind to—and succeed.

The Hemi-Sync tapes have helped in retraining my brain and recovering lost abilities to concentrate and think clearly. By practicing intensely, I’ve recovered my gift of music, lost at the time of the accident. Today, through words and song, I share my story at every opportunity with churches, businesses, clubs, schools, and PTAs, whenever I am asked to speak. My Higher Power has provided the opportunity to put my energy into healing and talking about my recovery. Like others in recovery, I work on healing each day, one day at a time.


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