Opening the Way: It Translates Perfectly

(TMI Focus, Vol. XXII, No. 1, Winter 2000)

Opening the Way: It Translates Perfectly

by Regis Louis, MD 

Regis Louis, a former member of the Institute’s Professional Division, is a psychiatrist in private practice in France. Dr. Louis has previously reported on Hemi-Sync® applications with patients suffering from insomnia and depression. Previous success with the tapes made Opening the Way a natural choice when he and his wife were expecting their first child. The Hemi-Sync exercises were augmented with sophrology, which uses movement, visualization, relaxation, and positive programming to increase consciousness in all levels of being, and haptonomy, which teaches ways of communicating with the baby in utero.

Maryvonne and I wish to relate our experiences with Opening the Way while awaiting our first baby. We used several techniques—Hemi-Sync tapes, sophrology, and haptonomy—during her pregnancy and for the birth itself.

Having the tape scripts in French was a great aid to fully understanding the instructions. Here’s how we used the tapes. The mother-to-be listened to Tape 3A, Deep Relaxation, once a day after the fourth month; Tape 4B, Supporting Late Pregnancy, every other day after the eighth month; and Tape 5B, Contacting the Baby’s Soul, sporadically. Tape 3A generally produced very deep relaxation, sleep, and good physical recuperation. Tape 4B, with the women’s voices and drumming, was an intense experience on all planes. Father, Tape 4A, for the father-to-be, usually put me right to sleep. Then I finally heard the complete tape and suddenly understood that my role was “the protector.”

Because the birthing process lasted only two hours, there was no need (or time) to use the tapes either for labor or for the pushing phase, which was over in ten minutes. Maryvonne remained standing during labor and did controlled breathing and vocalizing to diminish the pain. As she pushed, I supported her in the proper position and joined her in a haptonomy breathing exercise that visualizes directing the breath through the belly to guide the baby out.

Post-Op and Energy Walk from the French version of the Surgical Support Series were beneficial postpartum. We sometimes reinforced the tapes with Biocircuits, a device for balancing the physical body with mild electrical stimulation. This approach was so successful, the postpartum tapes from Opening the Way were unnecessary.

In summary, the birth was outstandingly quick and easy and pain was minimal. Anesthesia was not required because labor was so efficient and uncomplicated. From the beginning, our new daughter, Evelaine, was alert and calm. She immediately made deep eye contact with us. Visitors remarked that she looked like a healthy one-month-old. The father was also very conscious and present. We consider this outcome to be a direct result of our preparation regimen, which included Maryvonne’s understanding of her own physiology and the birth process; doing a good emotional cleansing (Tape 2B, Remove and Release, is perfect for this); knowing how to relax and control pain without tapes; establishing good communication with the baby through haptonomy touching and visualization; and being trained in individual and couples’ exercises for labor. All of the different techniques contributed to our feeling positive and confident.

Opening the Way is especially good for helping the mother learn to relax, communicate with the baby, explore the birthing energy, control pain, and let go into the non-ordinary states of consciousness that are a such a big part of the birthing process. The father learns to take his place near the mother and offer her the necessary support. If additional Opening the Way tapes are planned, we would suggest one for the baby to hear while he/she is in the womb. It would explain what is going to happen and ask him/her to trust the process of being born. Being well prepared makes everything easier for the parents and the baby. Opening the Way played an important part in helping us to live, deeply and consciously, the totally natural process that is birth and to avoid excess medication. We are deeply grateful that these tapes are now available to everyone.


Hemi-Sync is continuing to be a resource for Maryvonne’s second pregnancy. Regis reports that “it’s very different to wait for this baby.” The mother was “a bit stressed and tired” and kept falling asleep during the Healthy Pregnancy tape. She’s turned to Deep Relaxation and Catnapper and is getting good, recuperative sleep. Since we are only at the fifth month, the other tapes will be introduced later.


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