Gateway to Healing

(TMI Focus, Vol. XVI, No. 3, Spring 1994)

Gateway to Healing

Sue Tirotta

Many of you may remember Sue Tirotta’s account of recovery from closed head trauma with the aid of H-PLUS® Brain: Repairs & Maintenance (TMI FOCUS, Vol. XIV, No. 2, Spring 1992). We had not heard from Sue for a while, then a letter arrived to assure us that Hemi-Sync® continues to play a large role in resolving the “little” everyday disasters in her life. Sue and her husband, Arthur, raise and train quarter horses on their ranch in Ellensburg, Washington. The following account illustrates how Hemi-Sync helped to tap into her innate healing abilities after a serious, horse-inflicted injury. Sue further noted that Hemi-Sync is “spectacularly” successful in such dramatic instances. However, she is most thankful “for the day-to-day assurance and comfort of relaxation, contemplation, and reflection.”

In July 1993, Sue Tirotta entered the paddock of her quarter horse stallion, Sandalwood Star, to pull weeds growing too close to the fence to be mowed. A brief rain the night before made the task easy. Star, who had been bred, nurtured, and trained by Sue for his entire life, occasionally walked up to investigate and to be stroked and scratched. After working for about an hour, she was bent at the waist, grasping a clump of weeds with thoughts of lunch uppermost in her mind.

Then . . . “I heard the great thundering rush of hooves, and suddenly I was on my back on the ground looking up as four hooves and the huge underbelly of a horse flew in slow motion and incredible detail over my head.” Stunned, Sue was horrified and embarrassed to realize that she was the person she heard screaming. “I grabbed my knees with my left hand and pulled them up to my chest in a defensive fetal position.” Listening to the stallion’s racing hoofbeats, she “couldn’t seem to see anything but black clouds.” In the meantime Sue’s husband, Arthur, ran into the paddock and got between her and Star. “Then the pain hit. Reflexively, I began chanting “55515” like mad, trying to slow down my breathing and remain conscious.” Arthur reached her side and began to half carry, half drag her toward the house. She says, “My entire right side from the waist up felt like it was on fire, and my right arm hung limply from the shoulder.”

Rejecting an agonizing ten-mile drive to the hospital emergency room, Sue opted to place her confidence in her own ability to heal, aided by Hemi-Sync. She continues, “I gasped my instructions to Arthur: strip off my shirt, prop me on my left side between pillows on the bed, start the H-PLUS Emergency: Injury tape and put the headphones on me, start packing my back and shoulder in ice, and give me two aspirin.” Arthur’s exclamations of “Oh, my God” as he peeled off the sweatshirt did not inspire confidence. Nevertheless, Sue settled in and “listened alternately to Emergency: Injury and Pain Control for about six hours. The extreme pain, as I expected, retreated to a manageable distance, and I was able to remain in a floating state of consciousness and observe what was happening in my body, which largely seemed to be chaos.”

By late afternoon, Sue realized that fear of how the wound looked was impeding healing. When Arthur supported her in front of a mirror, it showed that “The contusion was huge, covering almost half my back. A swollen, black patch about ten inches by eight inches covered the point of my shoulder blade where the stallion’s teeth had struck most deeply, and a much larger area of deep blue surrounded this. There was a lot of pooling of blood in a giant hematoma under the unbroken part of the skin. Blood and clear fluid seeped from the patches where the skin was breached.” Most interesting, however, “was that at the very edges of the damage, the skin had already begun shading to yellow, red, and brown, which indicated the healing of the bruise was proceeding.” Reassured that “the tapes were already doing their thing,” Sue returned to the bed and her tape player. Now what she needed to heal was clearly in mind.

It was impossible to raise her right arm, but feeling was returning to the fingers and wrist. Also the joints all seemed to flex properly. The shoulder blade felt somewhat unhinged, perhaps due to ligament damage. Luckily, summer leave from her job at a nearby university allowed large blocks of time to be devoted to self-healing. Sue describes “day after day in “suspended animation,” listening to tapes and healing myself by the hour. I reviewed the contours of the wound in the mirror repeatedly, imaging the area whole and well and healed. The bleeding and seepage ceased almost immediately, and there was noticeable improvement after each three-hour session. The Circulation tape helped a lot with diminishing the deep bruising and reabsorbing the hematoma.”

Of course, plans for end-of-summer horseback riding evaporated. Now, in January 1994, the only remaining evidence of this massive injury is “an almost unnoticeable shadow of discoloration over the point of my right shoulder blade.” Along with even more confidence in the healing ability of her body/mind in Hemi-Sync consciousness states, there was another quite remarkable benefit. Sue’s right shoulder, which was always slightly higher than the left, is now perfectly aligned. This gives her the excellent posture on horseback she had always craved. The right shoulder also seems stronger and more flexible.

Sue surmises that the young stallion felt crowded into a corner as she worked down the fence line. Star’s subsequent attack was instinctual behavior in defense of his domain. “In retrospect, being hit at thirty-five miles per hour by a 1,200-pound horse could have been much worse.” She has resolved to take the incident as “a gentle warning to keep [her] wits about [her] . . . in the future.”

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