Gateway to Healing: The Sequel

(TMI Focus, Vol. XVI, No. 4, Fall 1994)

Gateway to Healing: The Sequel

by Susan F. Tirotta

The spring 1992 TMI FOCUS® featured the story of Sue Tirotta’s dramatic, Hemi-Sync®-aided recovery from injuries inflicted by her young stallion. Although improvement was steady and progressive, there were some residual effects. Sue tells how she continued to use Hemi-Sync to heal the remaining physical trauma and release any vestiges of associated fear and pain.

Here’s a postscript to my account of being attacked by my stallion. When I wrote you in January, there was still a triangular shadow of slight discoloration over my shoulder blade and half a dozen extremely deep, small nodules (like marbles) over the bony processes of the shoulder blade on the side nearest the spine. Progress seemed to have slowed in reducing both the remaining skin discoloration and those little nuggets of scar tissue. I couldn’t reach the area myself to work it physically. Then, as is so often the case, serendipity reared its lovely head and I was introduced to a masseuse whose specialty is sports injuries. She was also beginning to work with the human energy field and was metaphysically oriented. So I eagerly began weekly deep-tissue massage. The conservative massage books insist that massage can do little to alleviate deep scar tissue and bone damage.

My masseuse evaluated the scar “marbles” and seemed to think that tissue had been separated from the bone by the injury and then reknit in a bulky, awkward fashion. The nodular sites were sensitive to direct pressure and difficult to palpate deeply. Therefore, I went to Focus 10 to attain moderate relaxation and used the “55515” command to distance myself enough from the discomfort to allow the area to be worked in a controlled manner. Of course, it’s important to remain sensitive to and not override the body’s self-protective pain mechanism. We were careful (with me guiding verbally) to work the area at a level beyond what I would normally be able to endure but not to the point of causing further trauma. The massage was augmented with concurrent aromatherapy to further aid in releasing layers of fear and pain surrounding the injury experience and still trapped in the tissues.

During the second massage, Sleeping through the Rain played on a stereo tape player near my head to help me attain a deeper state of muscle relaxation and to allow the injured area to be worked more deeply. The tape also seemed to center the masseuse’s energies. The remaining discoloration disappeared after the second massage. By the third massage, the masseuse was able to work at the level of the bone and gently manipulate the scar nodules directly. They shrank and flattened very quickly, the entire shoulder girdle became more flexible, and the level of relaxation in my neck and scalp was (for me) quite unusual. I meditated with MIND FOOD® Energy Walk or H-PLUS® Tune-Up at home after each session to more firmly integrate the work we had done. After seven weekly sessions, the scar tissue nodules were virtually indiscernible.

It feels like layer after layer of fear and pain have been progressively released, and my overall energy level has measurably increased. Not for the first time, the Hemi-Sync technology has uniquely supported and speeded my healing! I’m encouraging my masseuse to play METAMUSIC® for her clients. Perhaps they can attain both greater muscle relaxation and less post-bodywork discomfort. There must be great potential for Hemi-Sync in physical therapy and sports massage.


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