Recovering from an Accident with Hemi-Sync®

(TMI Focus, Vol. XI, No. 2, Spring 1990)

Recovering from an Accident with Hemi-Sync®

by Vincent Newey 

Vincent Newey, from South Africa, had a cycling accident shortly after his return home from a GATEWAY VOYAGE® and GUIDELINES®. He writes:

The major damage was a double fracture of the hip, and a broken back, with splinters of one vertebra driven into the spinal cord. I was medically classified as an incomplete paraplegic.

I had been using GATEWAY EXPERIENCE® tapes for over a year. These and my experiences at the Institute gave me many tools to choose from. As I began my recovery, I was reminded distinctly that I was far more than my physical body. Using METAMUSIC® Green, I started directing energy up and down my spine with the ascending and descending scale that is characteristic of this tape. The doctors were not particularly supportive of the technique, but I knew I was getting help beyond their abilities, and I continued. (Later I learned that friends who asked for a prognosis had been told by the doctors that I would never walk again.)

On one occasion, in great pain after surgery, I attempted to achieve an alternative state of consciousness. At Focus 15 the hospital bed seemed to rise and become a cradle that rocked me so peacefully that the pain disappeared. Working with Energy Walk, using mental rehearsal and visualization while soaking up energy, helped, and a marginal reduction in pain was achieved with the Pain Control tape. I continued to use METAMUSIC Green, opening lines of energy as best I could in the spinal cord area, and experiencing very powerful “energy vibrations” on many occasions. Certain parts of the tape seemed to trigger increased activity. I knew that I was never alone.

I progressed to a wheelchair after two months, and in less than three months I was home, walking with crutches. It was difficult and painful, and the heavy brace around my torso was immobilizing, but now I had my full selection of tapes to work with. My bed had small speakers installed like the CHEC units, so I could use Surf with Restorative Sleep encoding from H-PLUS® at night, and work with other tapes during the day. With Resonant Tuning I discovered a particular pitch that could send energy down the paralysed leg right to the toe. This had to be a prelude to improvement. With the METAMUSIC Friends tape I found the first part suitable for resonant tuning in harmony with our friends; the second part a more suitable pace for sending energy up and down the spine and into the legs. The third section of flute music seemed ideal for reminding every cell of its intrinsic knowledge to work toward a healthy state. Using the Morning Exercise tape daily, I was requesting help and a greater unification with my total self. Whenever I did this I received a distinct confirmation that amounted to, “But—you are being helped.” It was very humbling, and let me know that I needed to look at my expectations.

From WAVES II and IV I used the One-Month Patterning and One-Year Patterning tapes. Working with the energy body map, my “water-cooled” energy bar tool was never far away. I realized that with any tape (and later, without any) it was possible to tap desirable energy if I used my imagination or, should I say, listened to guidance.

During the last year, in taking authority and responsibility for my recovery, I have definitely moved towards greater understanding of who and what I am. My program of recovery is being continually reviewed as the priorities change. The rented sticks are back at the hospital, but I doubt that I will ever again take walking for granted. There is still sometimes great pain, but this can be a constructive guide to recovery. Obstacles like the four flights of stairs to my apartment, and relearning to drive my stick-shift car are seen as opportunities. Some body functions and muscles are not yet back to normal, but because I perceive improvement, my recovery can never be limited. I realize that not all is known in my consciousness, and so not all change is even perceived.

Folks ask if Hemi-Sync helped. All I can say is that I don't intend to repeat the experience without Hemi-Sync to find out. I am grateful for the Affirmation, and for known and unknown help.


Some of you have developed your own unique, creative methods of working with such concepts as the energy bar tool. Examples we've heard about include: when wanting to get answers, using the EBT to spell them out like huge skywriting; or riding it (like a witch on a broomstick?) to get out of your body.

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