Beth Vaughan

Beth Vaughan

Residential & Outreach Trainer

In 1993, my husband Daniel experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Always on the look-out for something that could benefit in his healing I was curious when a colleague introduced me to The Monroe Institute® (TMI). The year was 2001. While reading everything TMI related that I could get my hands on I ran across an article about a lady who experienced a TBI and benefited from the patented technology called Hemi-Sync®. I ordered this title and my husband began to use it.

The more I read about the technology the more intrigued I became. I decided it would be beneficial for my husband to attend the Gateway Voyage® program offered by TMI. That is how we ended up in Spain in 2005. I thought it would be a really nice vacation in sunny Spain and perhaps Daniel could get some physical benefit from the course. I quickly realized that there was much more to the technology and I was hooked. It is hard to put into words exactly what kind of healing Daniel experienced. I feel that he did more healing in that one week than he had done in the previous 2 years. We are grateful for that great vacation in Spain.

We now make an effort to get back to TMI annually. I wanted to continue what we started in Spain and I became an Accredited Outreach Trainer in 2008. Currently, I enjoy bringing the Hemi-Sync experience through Excursion Workshops. I now serve the TMI community as Regional Coordinator for the Southwest and Midwest Regions.

Join me in an Excursion Workshop or at a Local Chapter meeting.

Contact Beth Vaughan:
Address: Houston, TX
Phone: 281-703-5350
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