Clicking Out: Is It Sleep—or Something Else?

Clicking Out: Is It Sleep—or Something Else?

Clicking out is such a common phenomenon that over decades of Monroe programs, we have come to recognize it as an automatic subconscious response, a self-activating inner tool.

You put on the headphones or ear buds, you feel yourself already moving toward a relaxed, receptive state. Your body releases tension, your mind quiets, your perception begins to expand. The pink sound, ocean surf, and other audio cues you’ve come to appreciate from Monroe technologies, guide you gently into an ever-expansive state. You settle in to the exercise, perhaps anticipating a particular experience, or perhaps having no expectations. You open to connect with your larger awareness, with consciousness itself.

… The next thing you know, you’re awake and fairly alert. No transition seems to have occurred. The exercise is almost over and no time has passed! If this is your first experience of this unique state change, you may be disappointed. “I fell asleep and missed everything!” Well, possibly, but more likely you have just “clicked out” for the first time.

Clicking out is such a common phenomenon that over decades of Monroe programs, we have come to recognize it as an automatic subconscious response, a self-activating inner tool. Trainers typically advise participants to suspend judgment of the experience. Why? Because it has a purpose.

Hemi-Sync® and SAM exercises allow us to access deeply held information, which is a powerful benefit of Monroe technologies. We often attend programs and use home exercises for just that reason. But immediate cognitive knowledge of deeply held information is not always the answer.

When we use Hemi-Sync and SAM we enter into an intimate multi-level partnership, a resonance, with our higher selves ...

Speaking with TMI program participants, Robert Monroe used to explain that, while Hemi-Sync supports a listener’s brain-mind state beneficial to the purpose of a particular exercise, it never forces the listener. We are at all times in control of whether or not we accept that support. Monroe technologies work with the listener to bring about the best outcome. Clicking out works similarly by allowing certain information to remain unconsciousness until the optimal time.

When we use Hemi-Sync and SAM we enter into an intimate multi-level partnership, a resonance, with our higher selves, with the intention of the exercise, with the person voicing the script, the music and audio components, and with the blended and sequenced sound patterns underlying all else. That partnership promotes the best outcomes for our experiences.

From long experience facilitating Monroe exercises, some of our trainers have these insights to share about clicking out:

  • Sometimes when you experience “non-local” awareness you have no frame of reference for the experience. Your brain-mind’s language of words and symbols, and the context of space-time, simply do not exist non-locally.  Clicking out can be one response. You may also notice from intuitive feeling, emotion, and your spiritual state that this experience is not sleep. It was not time/space relative, but it happened and it was significant.
  • Quantum mind theory offers an example of how we process experience in a very dual and relative way. As humans, we have limited ourselves to what we call "reality.” When you experience beyond that reality, you encounter unlimitedness. It is wonderfully surprising and magnificent and can be the beginning of a tremendous journey. You may respond by clicking out and integrating the experience on another level.
  • Clicking out can occur when you are receiving so much information so quickly—a type of maximum download—that you simply can't process it in real time.
  • At times, clicking out can be the mind simply fulfilling its own agenda during an exercise, in its own stealth way!
  • Information comes from our higher self, arriving in the “original language” of the universe. When we receive “normal” transmissions, the information imparted finds metaphors/symbols/experiences in our database of knowledge it can relate to, and our human consciousness then organizes the information in a way that makes sense given our history and culture. But, what if there are no concepts in your past experience that can relate to the information being given? The result may be a click-out. There is no way to represent this knowledge that makes any sense to you currently. When you gain experience with which to interpret the download, suddenly you may receive an insight, or have a déjà vu moment.

... your TMI experiences are custom tailored for you, by You.

Clicking out can also occur when conscious awareness of deeply held content is premature. At your core, if you are not yet ready to integrate the knowledge, then tapping into it consciously may not best support your natural growth process.

Clicking out provides a means through which you can explore and use the information while it remains below the memory threshold. This is not to say you will never know what took place while you were “out.” Memories from the experience may percolate into your waking consciousness over time. Note when this happens. Ask yourself, “Why am I getting this now?” "Is it occurring at the perfect time?" “What life events may this information be serving in this moment?”

To get the most benefit from the variety of states of awareness you encounter during Monroe exercises—

  • Remain neutral in your judgment. Know that there is value in whatever state you find yourself, including clicking out.
  • Consciously open to each state, calm in the knowledge that your higher self has your back.
  • Trust that your body-mind-spirit knows what is best for you at all times and is bringing that to bear.

The Monroe Institute has the privilege of providing a safe, powerful, uniquely designed consciousness laboratory—our programs—for your transformative journeys. But make no mistake, your TMI experiences are custom tailored for you, by You.

Bon Voyage!


A Word About Sleep

While clicking out and sleeping are distinctly different, they can both occur during exercises. Some participants have reported “sleeping through the whole program,” only to later realize, as their lives evolve, that those sleep periods engendered tremendous benefit.

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I attended the Monroe Institute's NDE course which is how I came to hear about this article (TMI newsletter). Question about the wake-to-sleep transition: Over the past few months I have had a particularly terrifying experience occur 3-4 times as I'm falling asleep. It happened last night while I was meditating using Hemi-Sync. This only happens during that moment of wake-to-sleep transition, nowhere/when else. It seems as though I am 'clicking out' (something I've done many times during my NDE course and my self-study of William Buhlman's OBE work), but then I seem to 'click in' in the middle of a process that is extremely frightening. When I 'click in' under these scenarios it is as if I am facing what I'll call a "null state" of consciousness; it is not the 'void', which is comforting...this is a state of no-thing. In computer terms, it's as if my point of awareness is like a table of data, a 'customer profile', which is being copied and pasted from the Wake State to the Sleep State. However, when I 'click in' I am observing or interrupting the process or transition from Wake to Sleep and this data table or 'customer profile' appears in a step where there is nowhere to 'write' the table. There is simply nothing there; it's not a void, it's a 'null' getting an error message while doing a calculation in Excel. Emotionally it feels as if everything about "me" is dissolving, and not dissolving into some greater awareness of All or the kind of bliss we talked about during our NDE course...the feeling of dissolution is total and absolute. Not only do I feel like I'm being erased, it's as if there never was a "me" to begin with. In this place there is nowhere to store that kind of 'data', so the data table that is "me" not only can't be copied/pasted there, there is no structure to hold the data at all! It is the most frightening thing I've ever encountered in my life. It feels completely alien, in the truest sense of that word. There is nothing about that state which is related to life, creativity, or anything else with which I am familiar. Again, sorry to restate this, but it a place which has no capacity to store 'data', not even 'metadata' about the state itself; it simply is 'null'. I hope that makes sense, and I'm hoping someone has encountered this before and can offer guidance. Thank you for taking the time to read this! Stephen W.
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Are you referring in this article specifically to SAM? Hemi-Sync is different than SAM and was not really used by BOB. SAM is a new post BOB invention. Therefore this article is a bit confusing. What medium are you talking about?