Cutting the Edge: Consciousness and Technology at the Professional Seminar

Cutting the Edge: Consciousness and Technology at the Professional Seminar

by Leslie France


“This is the best one yet!”

We hear that a lot during the Professional Seminars at The Monroe Institute. And it’s always true. They just keep getting better! This year was no exception.

The five-day Professional Seminar is the brainchild of Robert A. Monroe. In 1983 the fledgling Professional Division was drawing the attention of professionals who wanted to be a part of a grand experiment Bob proposed. He asked the question, “How can Hemi-Sync® be used to improve lives in arenas beyond the expertise of the Institute?”

Currently we have 77 PD members—professionals in the fields of health and wellness, psychology, education, research, and others.

2018 seminar 2.jpegThe Professional Seminar was launched as a forum for PD members to report their activities, and as a collaborative environment to encourage joint projects among members. That tradition continues today.

Nancy McMoneagle, TMI’s president and executive director, set the tone for this year's event with her enthusiastic “State-of-the-Institute Address.” Nancy brought everyone up to date on TMI’s growth and accomplishments since the previous seminar, including new residential and online programs, developments in research, and objectives the Institute plans to implement in the near future. You can catch up on all the details by viewing her presentation on YouTube.

“Sacred Sites Inside and Out,” was the theme of this year’s Seminar, alluding to the multi-leveled spiritual nature of all life, that which we can point to outside of ourselves as well as those spaces within.

The theme was powerfully demonstrated through John Van Auken’s intriging keynote address, “Exploring Sacred Sites.” John, an A.R.E. staffer and director, led a mystical, metaphysical tour of ancient spiritual sites around the world. He revealed mysteries and meanings of early drawings and writings at sacred sites, explaining the spiritual evolution of the inhabitants, and how our own souls were involved with these sites prior to this incarnation. Check out his talk on YouTube.

ano.jpgWe were fortunate to have John Kruth, executive director of the Rhine Research Center, share a fascinating look at this first academic lab to develop a formal method of examining psi phenomena. “The Rhine” is the oldest operating parapsychology lab in the country. John’s presentation, "The Power of Place: Studies at the Rhine Research Center," included examples of how location and place might hold vibratory information that influences future psi activity at that site. See his video here

You will be able to enjoy additional full-length talks from the 2018 Seminar as they are produced and uploaded to YouTube. We will announce each video as it becomes available. For now, if you want more details on the sessions, view and download a PDF of the Seminar program with presenter bios and presentation descriptions here.

For their information, inspiration, and innovation, thank you to—

  • Patty Ray Avalon for “Creating Your Sacred Mandala”
  • Caroline Casey for “Flora Fauna's Mythic News of Now!Astro* mythological *political* guiding *meta-story-telling”
  • Brian Dailey, MD, and Allyn Evans, MBA, for “Energy Healing and Sound: Amplifying the Benefits Exponentially”
  • Arkaitz Eskarmendi, MA; Jonathan Holt, MD; Frank Kenna, Chairman of the TMI Board of Directors; James Lane, PhD; Fred Rible, MBA, for their reports in the “What’s Up?” Panel
  • Joseph Felser, PhD, for “Journey to the Center: A Philosophical and Mythological Vision Quest”
  • Carmen Montoto for “Monroe, Sound, and Consciousness”
  • Jacqueline Mast, PT, MS Ed, for “The Womb as a Sacred Place”
  • Stefano Roverso for “Life Excellence 360°”
  • Sergey Sorin, MD, for “Exploring the Sacred Self: Self-Regulation with Sound Enhanced Shealy Biogenics

2018 seminar 4.jpegFor their cutting edge Monroe research and technology advancements, thank you to—

  • Ross Dunseath, PhD, TMI Research Coordinator, for “Research Perspectives”
  • Bob Holbrook, TMI Director of Innovation, for “Tech Talk: SAM”
  • Judith Pennington for “Mind Mirror: ‘Journey to Happiness’”
  • Garrett Stevens, Chairman of Interstate Industries, Inc. (d/b/a Hemi- Sync®) for “Tech Talk: Hemi-Sync”

No Professional Seminar would be complete without an experiential component—an opportunity for attendees to deepen the connection with their higher selves and to test the latest Monroe consciousness tools.

For leading us through “Guided Exploration Day,” a daylong program of Hemi-Sync and SAM exercises developed especially for the Seminar, thank you to—

  • Bob Holbrook, TMI Director of Innovation, and
  • Garrett Stevens, Chairman of Interstate Industries, Inc. (d/b/a Hemi- Sync®)

Kudos and admiration to everyone who contributed to the great success of the Seminar!

The Professional Seminar is an invitational event open to Professional Division members, and members of TMI’s Board of Directors and Board of Advisors.

To become a part of this core Monroe Institute group, apply to join the PD now!

Scroll down to download and complete the application here.



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