Near-Death Experience and a New Found Freedom

Near-Death Experience and a New Found Freedom

by Scott Taylor, Residential Trainer, The Monroe Institute


A near-death experiencer taught me about freedom by asking a single question. Looking me straight in the eye, she asked, “How would you live your life if you absolutely knew you could not lose?

The question startled me.

She went on to explain, “Bob Monroe said that we are more than our physical bodies. We survived physical death. Using Hemi-Sync®, he gave us a way to convince ourselves that this is true. However, that’s just the starting point. It is so much more than that. It’s about freedom.”

Now she had my attention.

“The importance of the NDE is two-fold. First, you get to know that you continue and the nonphysical world exists. No question. Because you’re there. You experience it. Second, its true impact is that you understand how the universe truly works. When you come back, you see that so many of the rules in Western culture are just made up. They aren’t consistent with who we are as spiritual beings,” she told me.

I thought to myself, "Keep going. You’re on a roll."

She continued, “Just look at all the types of freedoms we gain by being willing to experience an NDE.” She started ticking them off on her fingers.

“First, there are the ‘freedom froms’: Societal roles, authority, status, time, expectations, unconscious choices, self-delusion, and fear of death.”

She added, "With those attachments obliterated …then we move to the

‘freedom tos’:  Envision options, choose alternatives, be yourself, be open and flexible, live in the present, express your spiritual self, live congruent lives, be honest, detach and be more direct, express your authentic self, view the world with continuously new eyes, and live in the joy of God’s love.”

"All that from your NDE," I asked?  I was stunned.

She smiled and said, “Yes. All that. When you begin to look through the NDE lens, you see the world as new.”

Now I get it.

“Why wouldn’t you choose to knock loose the conscious and unconscious chains that bind you? In the end,” she said, “Freedom teaches the near-death experiencer a new way of living.”

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Scott_photo_blog.pngDr. Scott Taylor is a Residential Trainer at The Monroe Institute

Scott Taylor, Ed.D. is former CEO skilled in a broad range of leadership and business issues. He now mentors and educates small business owners; helping them to improve their management skills. Scott is also a near-death experience researcher and speaker. Having interviewed hundreds of near-death experiencers, he speaks to the heartfelt needs and desires of experiencers and those close to them. He is author and voice of “Into the Light”, a Monroe Products® CD that features four meditations based on different types of near-death experiences. More

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