Robert A. Monroe 100th Birthday

Robert A. Monroe 100th Birthday

He Reinvented What it Means to Be Human

Out-of-body expert and founder of The Monroe Institute®, Robert A. Monroe, is celebrated in this animated short by filmmaker Mike George.

Monroe's birthday on October 30, 2015, marks his 100th year.

Those familiar with Monroe will recognize Mike George's playful yet subtly powerful and poignantly accurate depictions of Bob Monroe. His circa 1970s sound studio where magic was made. The loving and creative synergy with his wife Nancy Penn. His travels in consciousness. The construction of The Monroe Institute in Virginia. The ubiquitous yellow legal pads filled with ideas. The twinkle in his eye.

Mike George's device of indicating posthumously-added construction at TMI through its appearance and disappearance on the screen is clever and charming.




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Beautifully done! I never got to meet Bob in this world, but I would recognize his voice anywhere. He probably had the biggest influence on the way I now see the world than anyone else. I am definitely more than my physical body, and I am still finding out how much more that is. And, oh, what an adventure! Thanks Bob, for all you've done for me and countless others. It is truly appreciated!