TMI Has Not Been Sold, Says Nancy McMoneagle

TMI Has Not Been Sold, Says Nancy McMoneagle

By Nancy H. (Scooter) McMoneagle 
President & Executive Director, The Monroe Institute

Our recent announcement of the purchase of Monroe Products (now named “Hemi-Sync”) by entrepreneur and Monroe supporter Garrett Stevens has stirred excitement as well as a bit of confusion. Let me clarify right off the bat—The Monroe Institute (TMI) has NOT been sold.

The Monroe Institute remains a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and is not affected in any way by the sale of Monroe Products to Garrett, other than we look forward to a creative and collaborative relationship with Garrett, AJ Honeycutt, who continues as president of Monroe Products (Hemi-Sync), and the rest of the Hemi-Sync staff. 

If you have been unaware that The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products/Hemi-Sync are separate corporate entities, I can see where you might be scratching your head. Here is the scoop: A number of years ago, when TMI became a non-profit organization, Bob Monroe separated the production and sale of Hemi-Sync tapes (now CDs and downloads) and other products from the educational and research activities. The commercial operation became Interstate Industries, Inc., later to be called Monroe Products. Research and education came under the purview of The Monroe Institute, the non-profit organization. The Monroe Institute purchases Hemi-Sync from Monroe Products, and will continue to do so from “Hemi-Sync.”

Scooter 01_0.jpgTo summarize:

  • TMI has not been sold.
  • Monroe Products has been sold to Garrett Stevens.
  • Monroe Products is now called “Hemi-Sync.”
  • TMI will continue to purchase Hemi-Sync products from “Hemi-Sync.”

We at TMI are excited about the evolution of Hemi-Sync, and, as ever, will continue to use the technology in our programs.   

As always, TMI is developing new programs, implementing new research projects, and continuing to evaluate and advance SAM technology.  If you have any ideas for future programs, research projects, or new technologies, we'd love to hear from you!


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