What Do You Seek? How Can We Help?

What Do You Seek? How Can We Help?

What do you seek?

That’s what our Bookstore Coordinator Denise Files asks everyone. Not necessarily out loud, not always in so many words. She tunes in to each customer, syncs up with them, and lets the answer come to her from their core selves.

Denise Files 01.jpg“What do you really want?” is a question that points to a mutating labyrinth of possibility. The answers change depending on circumstance, timing, mood. They vary according to whether we are asking for ourselves or others.

People visiting our store in person and by phone are often seeking more than straight answers. There are hundreds of great products to choose from, but sometimes people aren’t certain about what they really want. That’s when Denise’s particular style of customer service comes in especially handy.

I get a lot of requests for OBE techniques! How to trigger conscious out-of-body experiences. We have some excellent tools—

So, we asked her—what DO people really want? And here's what she had to say.

Well, the store carries a large inventory of CDs, books, accessories, apparel, and cards. But most of the conversations I have with customers are about specific life situations and improvement techniques, and most of those products are in the form of recorded exercises.

Quite a few people ask on behalf of loved ones. I hear from parents looking for tools for their kids, often around learning and mental focus. I talk with caregivers wanting to find help for their ill or infirm patient or family member. I also hear from those taking care of Hospice patients, and others who are seeking end-of-life assistance.

Not surprisingly, I get a lot of requests for OBE techniques! How to trigger conscious out-of-body experiences. We have some excellent tools—

Relaxation is of paramount importance for most! More and more, people are looking for effective ways to relax deeply, body and mind, to turn down the volume on incessant mental chatter. We have tons of options for them! And since everyone is different, my best advice is to visit our Store and use the navigation in the right sidebar to refine your search. It looks like this—

Store navigation.png

By the time people get here—to the Institute—they’ve often tried everything else. Sometimes they’ve been referred by doctors or school systems. It gives me great pleasure to have such a variety of solutions to recommend!

For learning and memory, I point them to exercises like Concentration, Remembrance, and Einstein’s Dream. Again, using the webpage navigation puts the customer in control, so I suggest they choose from the Categories and Applications pull-downs. Then, listen to the sample audio on each product page.

For sleep and healing, I recommend Dreamland. It has a lot of magic to it. And it works for kids and adults. I find that Dreamland puts people into that dream state quickly. Metamusic® Sleeping Through the Rain is a popular lovely sleep-promoting musical piece. Super Sleep and Sleep Deeply contain signals only, and can be looped for all-night listening.

When someone asks me about personal matters, it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to connect at a deeper level. From that space, I’m able to get a sense of their heart’s desire and really home in on the best tools for them. Sometimes a CD title will simply flash into my mind.

With that comes great freedom, and the awareness that circumstance is not the driver of our existence.

For deep journeying work, there are some truly awesome options. I recommend Metamusic Awakening Consciousness, Celestial Meditation, Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Traveler, Crossing the Abyss, Land of Spirit, and Chakra Journey.

For resolving inner turmoil and finding balance, the guided exercises Healing Through Awareness and Sacred Space are beautiful tools. They foster a sense of inner freedom.

The most profound journey is often the end-of-life journey. These two series—Going Home® and Into the Light—offer guidance into a place of peace and deep comfort.

Even when there isn’t a specific product for someone’s needs, simply listening to Monroe technologies can facilitate moving into a more optimal state for relaxation and healing. I remind people, “Don’t make it hard, just listen to Metamusic in the background. No stress, nothing complicated.”

What are people seeking to experience? Clearly, a happier and more fulfilled life is at the top of the list. But Denise says it best.

Connection, an overarching structure, continuity; knowing we are not alone. Monroe technologies help us to move beyond the veil between the finite and the infinite. They allow us to revisit that crossing at will, keeping us connected to that place of infinite possibility. With that comes great freedom, and the awareness that circumstance is not the driver of our existence.

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