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April 19

From the Executive Director

Thank you to all of The Monroe Institute’s donors, friends, colleagues, advisors, board, trainers, and staff, for making 2018 another remarkable year for TMI. Our dedicated team does an incredible job of strengthening our programs and making a difference in people’s lives.

A few highlights from 2018 are additions to residential and online programs, a nearly 50% increase in followers on social media, consistently favorable evaluations by participants, and a good financial posture for future growth. In 2018, we gave a facelift to TMI's yoga and exercise room. New mirrors, flooring, and equipment are part of the makeover for guests who want to retreat during their retreat. 

We’re excited to report that, with the support of a donor, TMI's Copper Wall project is gearing up to study body-generating electric fields comparing regular and exceptional participants. The Copper Wall is located inside The Millennium Room at RMR. It is the building with the pyramid roof that's connected to the log cabin where Robert Monroe once engaged in out-of-body explorations. If you have done a PREP session at RMR, you have been in the booth in the Millennium Room. Read More about the Copper Wall Here.

We just completed a pilot 21-channel EEG evoked potential study comparing brain responses from binaural beats and SAM, ...

We just completed a pilot 21-channel EEG evoked potential study comparing brain responses from binaural beats and SAM, which showed there is a driving effect from SAM that is similar to but different from binaural beats. This study will be expanded to 32-channel EEG for better detail in brain activity mapping. All of this work has been accomplished through donations and gifts to TMI, for which we are deeply grateful.

Our focus in 2019 is guided by TMI’s strategic plan that includes new areas of growth. These are exciting times, so please join us for a program onsite or online.

I look forward to greeting you.

Scott Taylor, Ed.D.

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Scott Taylor

President & Executive Director

Scott Taylor, EdD, is President & Executive Director of the Monroe Institute. His vision for Monroe is its expanded global distinction as the world’s go-to organization for exploring human consciousness. Scott attended Gateway Voyage® in 1983, became an Outreach Trainer in 1985, and Residential Trainer in 1998. Scott earned business degrees from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University in Illinois. He earned a Minister of Spiritual Counseling degree from the New Seminary, New York City, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, where he studied and wrote about the insights gained from persons who have had near-death experiences.