Collection Overview

Larry H.

Excellent course! Both Allyn Evans and especially Brian Dailey are true Xperia’s on MI. I am still reviewing the handout and numerous links to furt...

Lisle J.

These are two warm and loving people and great trainers!!! I am honored to be able to take their class :)

Pam S.

Exceeded my expectations and especially with the virtual format vs. residential. Was curious to see if it would be as rich as residential experienc...

Fred H.

As an attendee of the OBE Intensive course in 2017, I was very pleased with the new OBE Spectrum class scope and execution.

Joseph S.

I not only learned how to help souls who were stuck or suffering, I also achieved a deeper connection and understanding of Loving Guidance, I conne...

Marie P.

This retreat was life affirming and somewhat life changing too. I will keep permanent benefits from it. Thank you.

Mary F.

This is a must take class to evolve in this world and the next.

Thelma B.

In my recently published memoir Embracing Our Oneness, I relate my Gateway experience of going out of my body and finding myself in a vast new real...

Nabil M.

Excellent program. Thank you SO MUCH for making this available via virtual!! I do not think I would have been able to attend this via residential, ...

Marie L.

I had important personal breakthroughs during the meditations so I’m very pleased. Andrea and Tip also did a wonderful job teaching.

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