Carmen María Montoto

Carmen María Montoto

Off-Campus Residential, Outreach Trainer & Professional Division

Carmen graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a BA in History of Art. She also studied Home Design, Kinesiology, Photo Reading and diverse methods in alternative healing.  She is a Brain Gym and  Hado Instructor and a TMI Outreach and Off Campus Residential Trainer. Carmen has offered conferences and workshops in Iceland, North and South America, the Caribbean about Hemi-Sync® and its uses.

As a Member of the Professional Division of TMI she has generated more than12 research projects on the use of Hemi-Sync to enhance learning and help children with learning disabilities. With Jacqueline Mast, she organized the International Conference on Special Education in Puerto Rico. For many years Carmen  created a Childrens' Summer Theater Workshop using Metamusic® . She developed a program called "Wiring" or ALAMBRAjE, combining Hemi-Sync, Brain Gym Exercises, breathing techniques, positive affirmations, and the arts to increase the learning skills and wellness of children. This system was incorporated in some schools in Puerto Rico.

Carmen has participated as a speaker in many activities related to Autism and ADHD, presenting Hemi-Sync and Brain Gym as useful tools to help children and adults in Special Education Programs. She is also Director of MC2, a place that offers classes and diverse workshops and activities that promote the arts, enhance learning, healing and spiritual development.

Contact Carmen María Montoto:
Address: Ponce de León # 1816, altos
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909
Phone: 787-725-4467 or 787-528-5175

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