Human Plus®

Human Plus®, or H-Plus® is a means of utilizing the immense power of the subconscious to affect change in your life. Each H-Plus CD (or Function Exercise) contains precise combinations of Hemi-Sync® frequencies that gently draw you into an extraordinarily receptive, whole-brain state while establishing the Access Channel—the ultimate communication channel to all levels of awareness—mental, physical, and emotional. By design, the Access Channel is opened during each Function Exercise, allowing you to learn a different Function Command (short, verbal cue) ranging from controlling your appetite to increasing your energy. Once the Function Command has become encoded while the Access Channel is open you can then call upon or “activate”that Function at any time, on demand, in everyday life situations. The H-Plus series offers a different kind of pathway to new levels of freedom—to becoming Human Plus.

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Heart: Support & Maintenance

Improve the blood flow to your heart and enhance its functioning.


Utilize your mind/body connection to assist in balancing and adjusting your circulatory system and normalizing your blood pressure. 


Stimulate the mind/body connection to boost your immune system and strengthen your body's ability to defend against disease-producing organisms.


Anchor information deeply into memory and develop whole-brain memory skills to facilitate easy recall. 


Reduce or release overwhelming emotional reactions that interfere with calm or objective decision making with Let-Go.

Mobius West

Create the reality you desire.  Maximize your achievements and/or establish new directions in your life.


Increase or decrease caloric absorption. 


Release restrictive or destructive mental, emotional and physical patterns which impede achievement of your goals. 


Feel refreshed and revitalized following a short catnap.


Obtain instant freedom from physical, mental and emotional tensions.