Music CDs mixed with Hemi-Sync for a variety of benefits. Metamusic® is more than music. From soul-stirring New Age to dramatic ambient, and the timeless popularity of classical, Metamusic CDs combine delightful musical selections with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats sound technologies to entertain and benefit the listener. Many titles feature special blends of Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies to slow excess mental activity in order to facilitate meditation or support deeper, more profound relaxation. Other selections feature a predominance of Beta frequencies for focus and concentration, or Delta frequencies for sleep enhancement. Metamusic CDs are experiential and may be used to facilitate a given application or simply for musical enjoyment (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery).

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Enjoy inner peace and transcendent relaxation as the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble performs timeless gems. 

Mayan Winds

Authentic tribal rhythms, exotic jungle sounds and ethereal soundscapes by ThunderBeat invoke the atmosphere of ancient Mayan temples.

Medicine Work with Hemi-Sync

A powerful shamanic musical journey to deep inner worlds with Byron Metcalf and Rob Thomas.

Metamusic Sampler

Because music is such a personal experience, we created our Metamusic® Sampler. 

Midsummer Night

Drift into a forest dream as you listen to transcendent sounds of nature and Hemi-Sync® designed for deep relaxation and heightened creativity.

Mystic Realms

Hemi-Sync® and the mesmerizing ambient music of Brad Allen beckon you into the transcendent stillness within. 


Discover an oasis of serenity with the poignant music of Polish composer Andrzej Rejman and Hemi-Sync®

Octaves of Light

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation.

Path to Peace

Find your way to peaceful tranquility with this beautiful musical narrative.

Pearl Moon

Reveal your innermost feelings and subconscious self with the luminous sounds of Andrzej Rejman and Hemi-Sync®.