Music CDs mixed with Hemi-Sync for a variety of benefits. Metamusic® is more than music. From soul-stirring New Age to dramatic ambient, and the timeless popularity of classical, Metamusic CDs combine delightful musical selections with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats sound technologies to entertain and benefit the listener. Many titles feature special blends of Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies to slow excess mental activity in order to facilitate meditation or support deeper, more profound relaxation. Other selections feature a predominance of Beta frequencies for focus and concentration, or Delta frequencies for sleep enhancement. Metamusic CDs are experiential and may be used to facilitate a given application or simply for musical enjoyment (but NOT while driving or using heavy machinery).

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Develop fresh perspectives and creative insights with this delightful New Age composition.

Quest of the Mystic Album

A musical journey of self-transformation.


Immerse yourself in an ethereal "homecoming" of the soul with the frequency-raising music of Aeoliah and Hemi-Sync®


Tune-up the connection between body, mind and spirit with the music of Rick Borgia and Hemi-Sync®.

Reise nach Innen CD (Inner Journey)

Ätherische Klänge und Hemi-Sync® sorgen für einen tief entspannenden melodischen Fluss, der von Stress befreit und Ihrer Vorstellungskraft vollen Raum gibt—eine ideale Landschaft um Ihre Innenwelt zu erkunden. 


Focus - with powerful Hemi-Sync® and music designed for enhanced learning, peak performance and creative flow.

River Dawn

Experience the intimate piano meditations of Catherine Marie Charlton and Hemi-Sync®.

Romantic Wonder

Create a dreamy mood for those special moments with the romantic music of music of Ilona Selke and Don Paris combined with Hemi-Sync®

Sacred Realms

Enjoy this musical odyssey to mystical dimensions with the rich melodies of gifted musician Michel Genest.

Seaside Slumber

Drift gently into deep, restorative sleep with soothing ocean waves, solo piano, and Hemi-Sync®.