CD Sets

These titles include multiple brain sync CDs in a series designed for specific applications. All include verbal guidance exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats and subtle sound effects or background music.

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Adventures Beyond the Body: Induction Music for Out-of-Body Travel

William Buhlman has trained out-of-body travelers in his workshops for more than a decade, teaching people how to project their consciousness outside the limits of their physical bodies and to explore dimensions and worlds beyond everyday life.

Attention/At Ease Album

 Created specifically for our armed forces, Monroe Products packaged two of its popular titles (Concentration and Sleep Deeply) to help meet the critical demands of military service.

Cancer Support Series (Japanese) がん治療サポートシリーズ(4CD)


Destination: Higher Self! Album by William Buhlman

Learn to become spiritually self-empowered and prepare for an enlightened transition.

Exploring Your Past Lives with William Buhlman: 5 CD Set

This unique 5-CD set contains 4-D technology which is the result of modern scientific research and ancient healing techniques. Precisely tuned soundwaves are used to create binaural beats; inducing self-initiated and controlled altered states of consciousness. This program will help to transport you to a higher state of mind, opening your consciousness to endless possibilities and realities.

Gateway Experience: Wave I - Discovery

NEW! Digitally Remastered

Discovery introduces the Mind Awake/Body Asleep state (Focus 10) and other "mental tools" to help you experience states of expanded awareness.

Gateway Experience: Wave I-VII

NEW! Digitally Remastered

7 album set. Buy Waves I - VII package. 
Gateway Experience: Wave II - Threshold

NEW! Digitally Remastered

Learn more Focus 10 "mental tools” and benefit from exercises which take you to a state of expanded awareness known as Focus 12.

Gateway Experience: Wave V - Exploring

NEW! Digitally Remastered and re-voiced by A.J. Honeycutt

(A Journey to Focus 15) From the now familiar state of Focus 12, you will be introduced to Focus 15 - the "no time" state - the state of simply being.

Gateway Experience: Wave VI - Odyssey CD (Japanese) $104.94