CD Sets

These titles include multiple brain sync CDs in a series designed for specific applications. All include verbal guidance exercises mixed with Hemi-Sync® binaural beats and subtle sound effects or background music.

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Massage Therapy Collection

Relax body, mind, and spirit with the music and Hemi-Sync® selections of the Massage Therapy Collection.

Opening The Heart™

Love yourself and others, enrich your life and advance your spiritual growth. These soul-fulfilling exercises enhance relationships and release blocks that limit ability to love.

Out-of-Body Techniques by William Buhlman

Learn techniques for out-of-body explorations from leading expert William Buhlman. Based on 40-plus years of experience, Buhlman found that each of us responds differently to various OBE induction methods. 

PAL Student Package

This series was developed to help you improve your potential for learning.

Although this set is out of stock, individual titles in the set can be purchased separately. (See below)

Perfect Health by Deepak Chopra, MD

Deepak Chopra’s seven-day audio series provides the basis for re-establishing the body’s natural balance, strengthening the mind-body-spirit connection, and applying the power of quantum healing to transcend the ordinary limitations of disease—in short, for achieving Perfect Health.

Positive Immunity Program

Strengthening The Mind-Body Connection
This experiential learning program reinforces the mind/body connection and has been reported to be helpful for Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV and other immune disorders, as well as for maintaining wellness.

Positively Ageless

Listen to a special: Talk-Radio Presentation
Enter into a timeless state of being while enhancing the mind-body connection with verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercises. We have all heard "age is a state of mind."

Support for Stroke Recovery

The primary focus of this series is to assist you in actively participating in your body’s own natural healing process.

The 2012 Mindshift: Meditations for Times of Accelerating Change

As the date 2012 approached, a growing circle of visionaries believed that the pace of change and transformation in the world was accelerating rapidly. 

The Creative Way

Reawaken your talents and creative abilities as you gain self-awareness and expand your mind to live a more enriched, expanded and productive life.