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DeMarco, Frank | A Place to Stand An account of the process and results of ten booth sessions at The Monroe Institute in the Fall of 2000. $14.95
DeMarco, Frank | Awakening from the 3D World: How We Enter the Next Life In the non-3D world, death is not the end of the story, but an awakening to new possibilities. Here is what that awakening looks like, as described by one who has been through it. $16.95
DeMarco, Frank | Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical We are connected. This book tells us how and why. Rita’s World is a conversation between friends in two worlds: Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world, Frank DeMarco, still in the body. $16.95
DeMarco, Frank | Rita's World: A View from the Non-Physical Volume II Rita’s World, Volume II continues the conversation between the author, still in the body, and his long-time friend Rita Warren, now in the non-physical world. $16.95
DeMarco, Frank & Warren, Rita Q. | The Sphere and the Hologram The Sphere and the Hologram recounts an extraordinary three-way partnership that produced extraordinary results. $19.95
DeMarco, Frank | Afterlife Conversations with Hemingway: A Dialogue on His Life, His Work, and the Myth Who better to tell the real story of Ernest Hemingway than Hemingway himself? $19.95
DeMarco, Frank | Babe in the Woods Mystery School! Reporter Angelo Chiari is sent to attend a week-long residential program at the C.T. Merriman Institute, a course that promises to help participants to "develop their own extraordinary potential." $14.50
DeMarco, Frank | Cosmic Internet Based on years of first-hand experience of altered-state communication with non-physical minds, author Frank DeMarco proposes to answer certain questions about life. $15.95
DeMarco, Frank | It's All One World It’s All One World continues the conversation between the author and Rita Warren, who died to the 3D world in 2008. Via the medium of Intuitive Linked Communication, Rita continues to describe life from the non-physical perspective. $14.95
DeMarco, Frank | Muddy Tracks Written for those whose lives are haunted by lack of meaning, Muddy Tracks is a record of what one man found when he went looking to find out “what is real” from first-hand experience. $11.50