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DeMarco, Frank | Muddy Tracks Written for those whose lives are haunted by lack of meaning, Muddy Tracks is a record of what one man found when he went looking to find out “what is real” from first-hand experience. $11.50
Douglas, Momi | Time Travel Rabbit Time Travel Rabbit explores the notions that time travel, interspecies communication, and the connection of the individual to the whole are not only possible, but real and definable, both in scientific and metaphysical terms. $14.95
Elder, Paul | Eyes of an Angel Following a near-death experience Paul Elder had at age 41, a psychic doorway opened and his ordinary life has never been the same. $12.50
Felser, Joseph / The Myth of the Great Ending From Christian believers in the Apocalypse and the Rapture to New Age enthusiasts of prophecies concerning the year 2012, Doomsday lore has been a part of culture, a myth that colors how we perceive the world. $19.95
Felser, Joseph M. Ph.D. | The Way Back To Paradise Paradise is not the state of being in harmony but the process of harmonizing. It is not a garden of bliss but the bliss of gardening. $11.50
Gallenberger, Joseph | Heaven is for Healing: A Soul's Journey After Suicide When his beloved brother Peter committed suicide,psychotherapist Dr. Joe Gallenberger met his overwhelming grief with courage, and open-minded curiosity. Using tools learned at The Monroe Institute, and affirming that “love can pierce any veil,” he was soon able to contact Peter on the other side. $16.95
Gallenberger, Joseph | Inner Vegas Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health. $16.95
Gallenberger, Joseph | Liquid Luck - The Good Fortune Handbook Manifestation expert, Dr. Joe Gallenberger distilled decades of wisdom about creating your dreams into a quick and effective meditation called Liquid Luck. He wanted to give people a simple and fun way to access heart-based manifestation and see immediate results in the form of days filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune. $14.95
Higher Self Now! : Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution With accurate knowledge and an effective action plan, we can achieve liberation from the many belief territories that dominate the astral dimension. Our ability to obtain self-knowledge through our personal explorations of consciousness is essential to the natural trajectory of the soul. $19.95
Intuitions: Seeing With The Heart / Winter Robinson This book is about intuition: our sixth sense, our innate psychic abilities. Written with personal stories, question and answer sections, and simple exercises, Intuitions is a guide to the discovery and development of the readers' intuitive skills and their use in deciphering and understanding their physical, emotional and mental conditions. It speaks to the heart of anyone who searches for Truth. $9.99