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Gallenberger, Joseph | Inner Vegas Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health. $16.95
Gallenberger, Joseph | Liquid Luck - The Good Fortune Handbook Manifestation expert, Dr. Joe Gallenberger distilled decades of wisdom about creating your dreams into a quick and effective meditation called Liquid Luck. He wanted to give people a simple and fun way to access heart-based manifestation and see immediate results in the form of days filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune. $14.95
Higher Self Now! : Accelerating Your Spiritual Evolution by William Buhlman With accurate knowledge and an effective action plan, we can achieve liberation from the many belief territories that dominate the astral dimension. Our ability to obtain self-knowledge through our personal explorations of consciousness is essential to the natural trajectory of the soul. $19.95
Intuitions: Seeing With The Heart / Winter Robinson This book is about intuition: our sixth sense, our innate psychic abilities. Written with personal stories, question and answer sections, and simple exercises, Intuitions is a guide to the discovery and development of the readers' intuitive skills and their use in deciphering and understanding their physical, emotional and mental conditions. It speaks to the heart of anyone who searches for Truth. $9.99
Jeane, Nancy Reading My Mind - A Personal Journal Join Nancy on an extraordinary journey as she becomes a Professional Remote Viewer and teacher. Experience the training classes as she did and meet the five U.S. Star Gate original remote viewers: Skip Atwater, David Morehouse, Paul H. Smith, Lyn Buchanan and Joe McMoneagle. $12.95
Jozef Simkovic | How to Kiss the Universe How to Kiss the Universe describes the shocking spiritual trips of a journalist from his physical body all the way to the Source of everything. $13.99
Keli Adams | Drop the BS (Belief Systems) and BE Leave all opinions, judgments, and BS (belief systems) at the door before you begin to read this book. Give yourself wiggle room to stretch your perceptions about "reality," DROP the BS (belief systems) and allow Keli Adams to take you on a brief, sometimes humorous, always thought-provoking roller-coaster ride of bizarre experiences throughout her life, and her acceptance of very unique abilities she uses to help people. $13.99
Korbon, Gregg | Beyond Reason Sometimes people enter our lives and change us forever. $13.95
Kortum, John Christopher | The Kortum Technique The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body's Blueprint for Health and Healing. $19.99
La Batto, Frank A. | Linda in the Light:The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever Dr. Frank A. La Batto presents Linda in The Light, a true story, a memoir, written by a father honoring the request of his daughter after she transitions into the light of eternal life; a transition we will all experience. $14.95