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Jeane, Nancy Reading My Mind - A Personal Journal Join Nancy on an extraordinary journey as she becomes a Professional Remote Viewer and teacher. Experience the training classes as she did and meet the five U.S. Star Gate original remote viewers: Skip Atwater, David Morehouse, Paul H. Smith, Lyn Buchanan and Joe McMoneagle. $12.95
Korbon, Gregg | Beyond Reason Sometimes people enter our lives and change us forever. $13.95
Kortum, John Christopher | The Kortum Technique The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body's Blueprint for Health and Healing. $19.99
La Batto, Frank A. | Linda in the Light:The Incredible True Story That Will Change Your Life Forever Dr. Frank A. La Batto presents Linda in The Light, a true story, a memoir, written by a father honoring the request of his daughter after she transitions into the light of eternal life; a transition we will all experience. $14.95
Larkins, Lisette | Above and Beyond Wise, mysterious visitors selected Lisette Larkins for spiritual initiation in the fall of 1987. $15.95
Larkins, Lisette | Listening to Extraterrestrials UFO Phenomena have been examined by experts from every angle, and there is no shortage of theories about what the ETs are up to and why. $10.50
Larkins, Lisette | Talking to Extraterrestrials You might be surprised to know that millions of otherwise ordinary people around the world are currently having some sort of contact with extraterrestrials, but have never told anyone for fear of ridicule – and worse. $11.50
Lyle, Katie Letcher | Friends in High Places "Bring your s'mores, pull up a log, and light the campfire, it's time for some great ghost stories. $14.95
Madaus, J.R. | Think Logically, Live Intuitively J. R. Madaus is a computer network executive who found himself suddenly experiencing expanded states of consciousness that included out-of-body trips and spontaneous healings. $5.00
Mason, Russ | Jill Messenger: Out of Body After an accident, a housewife finds that she has the surprising ability to leave her body and travel from place to place unseen. $13.00