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Winde über der Welt CD (Winds Over the World)

Flöten der australischen Ureinwohner und Hemi-Sync® führen Sie durch die Welt musikalischer Imagination während Sie mit diesem anmutigen Ausdruck des Lebensgeistes fließen.

Winds Over the World

Aboriginal flutes and Hemi-Sync® guide you through the world of musical imagery as you flow with this graceful expression of the spirit of life. 

Wisdom in Essence

Tune in to your inner wisdom, your true essence, with a verbally guided Hemi-Sync® exercise voiced by futurist Peter Russell

Wisdom In Essence CD (Japanese) 内なる英知
未来学者ピーター・ラッセルによるガイダンス付きのHemi-Sync®エクササイズにより、あな  たの本質である内なる英知とつながります。
Wisdom of the Heart

Based on his critically acclaimed series Ambiology, Grammy award winner Barry Goldstein has compiled the most conducive pieces for uniting the heart and mind.

Your Heart's Song

Obtain a greater sense of yourself and your life’s purpose, live more gracefully and fearlessly, and radiate love as you attune to the vibration of your heart's song.

Your Heart's Song CD (Japanese) ハートソング(言葉によるガイダンス付き)