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Creating Success

Two verbally guided exercises assist you in overcoming limiting beliefs and opening the door to living your passion.

Creating Success with Hemi-Sync® CD (Japanese) Hemi-Sync®による成功の創出
Creative Alchemy

Creative Alchemy is a guided meditation to higher states of consciousness for enhancing your creativity, and powerfully accomplishing your goals. In it, you are lead through a very unique, powerful alchemical process of 7 key steps for accessing new ideas and creative inspiration, to fuel your innovation, projects, and problem solving tasks.


Crossing the Abyss

Transform your awareness into a transcendental state 


This hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric music will take the listener deep inside while contemplating the very fabric of existence.

Das Herz des Schamanen mit Hemi-Sync CD (The Shaman’s Heart with Hemi-Sync)

Der Schamanismus ist ein uraltes spirituelles System, das einem hilft, auch in schwierigen Situationen in der Herzenergie zentriert zu bleiben—ein Kennzeichen spiritueller Reife, das Don Juan als Reisen „auf einem Pfad mit Herz" bezeichnete. 

Dawn Mountain

This SAMusic™ listening experience blends the relaxing music of Leigh Ann Phillips’ Dawn Mountain with SAM technology to initiate relaxation with focus and to awaken creativity.


Use the mind/body connection to lower the volume of chronic pain signals. 


Eliminate or diminish undesirable mental, emotional or physical habits. 

De-Tox: Body

Enhance your body's natural ability to cleanse itself of destructive substances.