SAM Downloads

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Morning Songbirds of Roberts Mountain Download

Relax to the joyful sounds of springtime at The Monroe Institute®.


Openness Download

This SAMusic™ listening experience blends the rhythmic earth tones of SAXANG's "Openness" with SAM technology to open the heart and mind.

Secret Island Download

Venture inward on your personal spiritual quest to a place of wonder, peace and joy. Open the connection with your Higher Self inspired by the magical island setting.

Silver Wings Download

Are you ready to feel ........?  Then listen to Peter Cayuga's deliciously relaxing Silver Wings...

Under the Glowing Stars Download

Open your heart and attune to higher energies in the immersive music of Under the Glowing Stars. Each of these pieces is composed as a journey toward ethereal space where beauty is always present. Nature sounds accompany lush melodies that calm and uplift the soul. The music, in combination with SAM frequencies, creates a tranquil yet powerful and centered place where a connection to higher energies can be experienced.