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Yantra Mantra Sacred Light - Sacred Sound DVD

Yantra Mantra Sacred Light - Sacred Sound merges the ethereal splendor of Deva Premal’s enchanting voice with relaxing Hemi-Sync® binaural beats and the breathtaking beauty of LightSOURCE living mandalas.

Alchemy for the Soul

Welcome to WisdomFilms(TM), a new genre in contemplative, life-enhancing media. We offer these short films as a way to stop, take a breath, and come home to yourself, to restore balance to your mind, heart, and soul.

Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® DVD

From the creators of the classic LightSOURCE, Blossoming Lotus with Hemi-Sync® presents twelve mandalas from the Taoist, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions that manage at once to be both ancient and contemporary.

Chakra Journey DVD Activate, clear, and align your Chakras while expanding your awareness with this visual meditation combined with the best selling Metamusic® title by ThunderBeat. $24.95
Crop Circles: Quest for Truth by William Garzecki

Signs indicate that some form of non-human intelligence is communication with us ... What's the message?

From Science to God DVD

From Science to God is the story of Peter Russell's lifelong exploration into the nature of consciousness. Blending physics, psychology, and philosophy, he leads us to a new worldview in which consciousness is a fundamental quality of creation. He shows how all the ingredients for this worldview are in place; nothing new needs to be discovered. We have only to put the pieces together and explore the new picture of reality that emerges.

Hanta Yo! DVD Hanta Yo! is a Lakota Sioux invocation and prayer that calls upon the Great Spirit to clear the way and make the path ready for the seeker's spiritual evolution. $19.95
Introduction to Remote Viewing by Paul Elder and Skip Atwater Foundation for Global Humanity presents The Monroe Institute Introduction to Remote Viewing presented by Skip Atwater and Paul Elder. $29.95
LightSOURCE - Deep Time Dreaming - 2nd Edition DVD LightSOURCE 2nd Edition with Deep Time Dreaming and Hemi-Sync® journeys to a zone beyond time and space where the mind becomes empty and Spirit becomes manifest. $22.95
Lucid Dreaming DVD

This four-exercise series on DVD is designed to teach you how to program and consciously participate in your own personal dreamscape.