Ellen Jones-Walker

Ellen Jones-Walker

Residential & Outreach Trainer

Since childhood Ellen has been interested in and drawn to the exploration of non-physical reality. In her twenties, a number of mystical events suddenly immersed her in an exciting new world of profound experiences and expansion. Since then she has been on a conscious path of self-exploration, discovery, and personal transformation.

Ellen’s educational and professional background is in linguistics, foreign/second language education, cross-cultural communication, and instructional design and delivery. After many years in the classroom, she went full-time with her training and consulting business, providing program and staff development to clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. For the past thirty years she has also given workshops and credit courses on human potential, meditation, creative visualization, manifestation, wellness, healing, and other personal and spiritual development topics. Ellen loves exploring aspects of energy healing and is a Reiki Master.

After reading Bob Monroe’s Journeys Out of the Body, Ellen dreamed of meeting Bob and taking a workshop, but over thirty years were to pass before she attended Gateway Voyage®.  Once there, it was clear to her why she had received such strong guidance to attend. The experience was truly transformational and took place at just the “right” time in her life. She has attended twelve different TMI residential programs, returning home each time with a heightened understanding and appreciation of the beautiful and vast potential all of us can access at will to understand ourselves more fully, to connect with our true essence, and to create the reality we desire.

Having benefited immeasurably from her own transformational experiences at The Monroe Institute®, Ellen decided to become an Accredited Outreach Trainer so that she could offer other people opportunities to explore consciousness and enrich their lives. She enjoys facilitating TMI Outreach workshops and a variety of other personal/spiritual development workshops with Tip Walker, her husband and fellow explorer. Ellen is the Regional Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Region of the Local Chapter Network and co-leads the TMI Floyd County Local Chapter. She is also a member of the TMI Professional Division and the Dolphin Energy Club.

Contact Ellen Jones-Walker:
Address: KeyQuest
536 Wild Cherry Road NE
Pilot, VA 24138-1471
Phone: 540-651-2727
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.keyquest.us.com
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