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Explorer Series #1 Communications with Nonphysical Entities

An out-of-body experience. Communications through the Explorer’s vocal chords from other entities. ROMC.

Explorer Series #2 An Explorer’s Past-Life Regressions

From a REBAL, the Explorer is taken into several past-life regressions. ROMC

Explorer Series #3 Consciousness and New Technology

A physicist Explorer discusses the human relationship with higher consciousness and the opportunities for learning; ways to develop new technology. TCA

Explorer Series #4 Multidimensional Aspects of the Self

The Multi-dimensional aspects of the self; how thought forms limit us; the importance of recognizing the limitlessness of the soul. Notice of preparation for Earth changes. ROMC

Explorer Series #5 Introduction to Miranon

Introduction to Miranon, coming from level 46 of pure energy. The story of Leana and of Lemuria. The seven evolutions of Earth, and introduction to the “Cosmology of Seven.” SHE

Explorer Series #6 Miranon: Levels and Planes of Existence

Miranon further explains the “Cosmology of Seven” – the levels and planes of existence. The purpose of guides in helping us overcome our limitations.

Explorer Series #7 Awareness of True Reality

What is reality? How humans can gain awareness of the true reality. The purpose of sleep in balancing human perception. Mental illness as a healing process. ROMC

Explorer Series #8 Breaking Thought Barriers

Discussion of consciousness. The importance of breaking thought barriers by putting knowledge into action. The purpose of the Christ and the importance of knowing the Christ consciousness within the self. ROMC

Explorer Series #9 Earth Changes

Four Explorers discuss Earth changes throughout the world, the reasons for them and what humans can do to avert or minimize their effects. All foresee coming catastrophe, but many beneficial results in the next 20+ years. TC, SHE, MC, JOC

Explorer Series #10 Physical Existence: Perceptions from the Other Side

A meeting with several entities who have passed over to the other side. Discussions of their activities and perceptions now of physical existence. A discussion of food and energy. MAJ

Explorer Series #11 Responsibility of Self

The Five levels of human consciousness. The importance of overcoming limiting thoughts and being responsible for one’s own self. ROMC

Explorer Series #12 Levels of Human Consciousness

TC reports on his travels and his communications with other entities. Message on the levels of human consciousness. TC

Explorer Series #13 Miranon: Human Existence

Miranon discusses health and energy, walking, the correspondence of the seven energy centers of the body with the seven levels of human existence, growth and death as one. More discussion of vibrational levels and definitions of what we call good and evil. SHE

Explorer Series #14 Miranon: The Brain and Higher Consciousness

Left and right hemispheres of the brain. The triangles of safety in the U.S. Discussion of higher consciousness. Miranon prepares to move from level 46 to higher planes. SHE

Explorer Series #15 Energy and the Physical Body

Relation of energy and the physical body. Simultaneous existences. Nature of the personality. Discussion of food. JCA

Explorer Series #16 Male/Female Principles Within the Self

The effects of auditory signals on the brain. The importance of balancing and integrating male/female principles within the self. Arrival to Earth of non-physical entities to prepare humans for coming Earth changes. TC

Explorer Series #17 Patrick — A Rescue Mission

The rescue of Patrick, who has died more than 100 years ago, but refuses to accept his death. ROMC

Explorer Series #18 Story of the Creation

Story of the Creation. The created as the Creator and unity of all things.

Explorer Series #19 Love, Fear, and Higher Consciousness

A message about Christ Consciousness, love and fear. NVP

Explorer Series #20 Attachments as Stumbling Blocks

Attachments, including religious beliefs, as major stumbling blocks to spiritual development. Comments on Earth changes. MLJ

Explorer Series #21 A Meeting with Father Time

A meeting with Father Time. Encounters with other forms of existence, each with a message. JCA

Explorer Series #22 Lessons that Man Must Learn

Comments from the Council of Love about the dawning of the Aquarian Age. Lessons that Man must learn. NKH

Explorer Series #23 Robert Monroe: Life as Wave Forms

Life as Wave Forms

Explorer Series #24 Robert Monroe: Laboratory Procedures

Robert Monroe describes his laboratory procedures. Excerpts from some Explorer tapes. Final report from Miranon. RAM

Explorer Series #25 The Importance of Thought Forms

The importance of thought forms. How thoughts can manifest, affecting those around you. IMEC About the Explorer Series

Explorer Series #26 Becoming an Explorer

A fascinating and informative account of one person’s efforts to become an Explorer for the Monroe Institute. HRL

Explorer Series #27 The Origins of Man

A fascinating account of the physical and non-physical origins of man. While exploring, the Explorer visits the “Library” – a non-physical reference section in which information is contained on beams of light. The Explorer is directed to look under the heading “Man, Human, Earth, The Beginning”. HAP

Explorer Series #28 Collective Consciousness

The Unity of the Universe. The Big picture discussion encompasses the “Big Bang” theory, time, Collective Universe and the Universal Mind. TVP

Explorer Series #29 Aspects

A discussion by “Friends” – the name for the group energy that communicates through this Explorer – about the idea that the consciousness of every individual is overlaid with countless aspects that make up the individual’s personality and emotional characteristics. This excerpt not only provides dramatic and often humorous demonstrations of aspective energies, but it also explains how this information can be put to use for personal growth. IMEC

Explorer Series #30 Personal Development

This tape excerpt deals primarily with the area of personal development – including exercises for altering one’s concepts of time and dealing with the aging process. Another interesting perspective on this tape is that one session is monitored by an experienced Explorer who asks some insightful questions about channeling and guidance. GLA

Explorer Series #31 Entities, Energy Streams and Information Services

Entities, Energy Streams and Information Services.

Explorer Series #32 Seeking Personal Guidance

Seeking Personal Guidance