Harry Peter

Harry Peter

Outreach Trainer

I was born in Villingen- Schwenningen, Germany, where I was also trained as a merchant in foreign trade and as a physical therapist. During my work as a physical therapist I was acquainted with Rex Lassalle in 1988.
Being a 9 Star Ki astrologist, osteopath and Hara Shiatsu teacher, he sparked my interest in different alternative and Asian healing methods.

In 1996, I immigrated to Canada where I had first contact with ThetaHealing®. I became a “ThetaHealing® Master with Certificate of Science” and I am working now as a ThetaHealing® instructor in Canada as well as in Germany. 

In 2012, I attended my first residential program at the Monroe Institute and realized that the TMI programs have a huge potential to increase human consciousness. This is something I learned to regard as very important. During my healing work, I noticed that true healing always comes with some sort of jump in consciousness. Therefore I decided to become a TMI Outreach Trainer in order to make people aware of their true nature and possibilities. 

Contact Harry Peter:
Address: Love, SK, Canada
Email: harry@harry-peter.com