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In-Sync Golf

Ever since the game of golf has been played competitively, it has been widely known and accepted that a player’s performance is largely dependent upon his or her own state of mind. World class and weekend club players alike continually maintain that the game of golf is at least 90% mental. Certainly, all golfers agree that once physical skills specific to the game have been learned and honed, what separates one player from another is a matter of his or her ability to focus, visualize, and concentrate. In-Sync Golf is a unique audio experience which has been designated to bring your golf game to a new level. It utilizes Hemi-Sync®, the advanced, patented sound technology pioneered by Robert Monroe. In-Sync Golf has been developed to assist you in achieving your goals on the course. You may listen to the exercises directly from your computer, download them for use on your iPod or MP3 player, or stream-play on your portable device. Courtesy of Mark Gonsalves

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In-Sync Peak Performance Exercise

Perfect Practice Exercise

Pre-Round Preparation Exercise

Sleep Learning for Peak Performance Exercise