Isao Kato

Isao Kato

Outreach Trainer

Isao has been exploring consciousness through the practice of meditation, shamanism, and Hemi-Sync®. Originally born in Japan, he had lived in Taiwan and Europe when he was a little boy due to his father’s business, which gave him the ability to have multiple perspectives on any given situation. This eventually led him to pursue life outside local communities, which then expanded into exploring reality beyond the physical world.

Isao has been drawn to Hemi-Sync and the Monroe Institute method not only for their spiritual aspects but also for their practicality as well as neutrality. "What distinguishes Hemi-Sync from other tools/teachings is that it is essentially a support tool for whatever belief/goal/practice a person has been carrying in his or her life. Hemi-Sync does not interfere with existing practices - it simply expands the mental/spiritual capacity and allows for easier and deeper inner connection to enrich one's life."

He resides in Taiwan, the land of the rare mixture of modern technology and spirituality, with the community of consciousness explorers whom he calls his extended family. His mission is to share and connect - share the knowledge, skill, and insights to open our range of awareness, and connect people with other like-minded souls.

Contact Isao Kato:
Address: Tainan / Taipei City, Taiwan

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