Marie Ligier

Marie Ligier

Outreach Trainer

Marie Ligier has been working in management consulting for over 2 decades. She has also become an expert in the field of personal development and conflict resolution. She is based in Switzerland and in France. She was born in 1950's, has two children, two dogs and cats.

Marie is a consultant, coach and mediator. Her education in mechanical engineering and her 15-year collaboration with IT multinational companies has enabled her to develop a pragmatic approach of and a strong experience in managers’ coaching. Her intellectual discipline and her open-mindedness has allowed her to creatively synthesize different approaches such as systemic approach, brief therapy, non-violent communication and organizational theories.

Marie has a long experience in meditation and she attended her first training at the Monroe institute in 1997. Since then, she has participated in several trainings and became an outreach trainer in 2002.

She regularly conducts excursion programs and different self-development seminars using Monroe’s Hemi-synch technique.

Contact Marie Ligier:
Address: 01220 Divonne-Les-Bains, France
Phone: 04 50 20 77 64 / 06 31 72 19 66