New Year

Relax into a deep reflection of the past year and a reconnection with your total self to create your vision and intentions for the New Year.

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Begin the New Year with more than a resolution, begin with a clear vision and defined intentions. In our New Year retreat you will develop the skills necessary to approach yourself, your life, and the future from a heartfelt perspective. 

Relax and revitalize this holiday season.  Join other like-minded people on this special celebratory journey and sound the bell to ring out the old and bring in the new. Learn how to accept and release the past, shift to a new perspective and create your desires for the coming year.  

Shift into empowered states for manifesting your desires.  During your New Year program, you will look at your life on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, preparing for whatever the future brings.  Transform your outlook to one of deep appreciation, love and compassion. 

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Feel renewed, clear-minded, and more joyful as you welcome in a new year full of possibilities. Welcome a knowing that the coming year will be different from any you have previously experienced or imagined. Manifest your vision for what will be.

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The audio exercises used in this program feature the original binaural beat hemispheric synchronization exercises developed by Robert A. Monroe as well as the latest generation of our neural entrainment audio technology, Monroe Sound Science. They were designed to facilitate specific states of expanded awareness relevant to this program and are not available for commercial resale.

Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's neural entrainment technology.

Learn more about the history of Monroe's neural entrainment technology >

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What You Get

In addition to location-specific amenities, all Monroe Institute retreats offer numerous amenities to make your stay as rejuvinating as possible. (Virginia campus only.)

  • Semi-Private Rooms

    Standard accommodations are double-occupancy rooms.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available for guests.

  • Daily Meals

    Our dining menu offers many fresh, healthy, and vegetarian options.

  • Shuttle Service

    Local area, shuttle transportation is included on the first and last days of each program.

  • Swimming

    During afternoon breaks, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool or lake (weather-permitting).

  • Massage

    Massages are available during weeklong retreats during afternoon breaks. (additional fee)

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New Year

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New Year

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