Kortum, John Christopher | The Kortum Technique

Kortum, John Christopher | The Kortum Technique


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The Kortum Technique: How to Access the Human Body's Blueprint for Health and Healing.

Imagine a technique that allows any physician, nurse or medical practitioner to identify disease processes in individuals just by observing their physical presence, without expensive or invasive laboratory tests, X-rays, MRIs or blood samples. Suppose this technique could also provide information relating to the severity of the disease as well as the prognosis. In fact, it would guide the healing process by reflecting observable responses to medical or alternative treatments.

Furthermore, it would have an interactive component that allows access to the deepest emotional and spiritual roots of disease. This amazing technique would serve as a medium to bring individuals into a personal, experiential relationship with their own body systems and bring forward the subconscious conversations and dramas that relate to each person's own personal process of disease. Hence, it would support, enrich and propel our journey of the soul through the health imbalances we carry and manifest in our physical bodies.

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