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DeMarco, Frank | Cosmic Internet


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Based on years of first-hand experience of altered-state communication with non-physical minds, author Frank DeMarco proposes to answer certain questions about life.

Among them:

  • How can dead people talk with us, and talk to each other - regardless when they lived - and talk about our time, which was their future?
  • How can they be aware of us, and of each other, and of everything we know?
  • Why should they be interested in talking to us?

The Book has 5 Sections:

A Model of Our Minds on the Other Side provides a way to see the interaction of lives in the three-dimensional physical world and the greater life that exists on the non-physical side of things.

The Individual as Convenient Fiction, chapter two, reinterprets our lives and essence, showing that what we think we know about ourselves is true only partially, and only from a particular point of view.

The Physical and the Non-Physical sets out, as plainly as possible, the differences and interactions between the two sides of the metaphorical veil. This chapter, more than any other, attempts to show how and why our lives in the physical world are equally important to those on the other side.

Living Connected and Shaping Your Life, chapters four and five, move from description of what is to suggestions about what you can do to live a life that is richer, more satisfying, more meaningful.

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