Lyle, Katie Letcher | Friends in High Places

Lyle, Katie Letcher | Friends in High Places


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"Bring your s'mores, pull up a log, and light the campfire, it's time for some great ghost stories.

But unlike made up tales of terror and mayhem you may have heard as a kid, these are accounts told by real people who have crossed between the worlds to discover that we are indeed much more than our physical bodies. Katie Letcher Lyle is the consummate guide and chronicler as she takes us on adventures in which the dead literally come alive to inform, teach and enlighten us. "Friends in High Places" will change your perspective on both life and life beyond."

Message from Katie: In this book, I determined to explain reasonably how I know we survive death. I think I have written a sane book on a subject many people consider insane -- and to build my case in each chapter to show the weight of evidence as a reasonable basis for belief in the soul’s survival until the time comes that you arrive at Knowing for yourself. The resulting book has ghosts, talking peanuts, English psychics, my ten years’ adventures as a ghost-buster, animal communication, messages from the dead, my 20 years of attending programs at the Monroe Institute, remote viewing, the case of a boy killed in a tractor accident and reincarnated around fifteen years later right here in Rockbridge County -- and lots of other exciting stories of events that have happened to me and to other people I know, that indicate clearly that some part of us survives death.

AuthorKatie Letcher Lyle
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